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car ict gadgetsIn the age of technology and innovation, cars are not far behind when it comes to the integration of gadgets and accessories that enhance the driving experience. Car gadgets have gone from being simple decorations to becoming functional accessories that can enhance and personalize our experiences on the road. From entertainment and connectivity devices to safety and comfort tools… Therefore, if you don’t know which one to choose, from Byte TI we present our selection of the 10 best Amazon offers.

Here we present the 10 best ICT Gadgets to improve the car:

1. Garmin DriveSmart 76 EU MT-S, GPS navigator

The Garmin DriveSmart 76 EU MT-S is a GPS navigation device designed to make the driving experience easier. With a large, high-resolution touch screen and advanced features, this GPS offers precise and reliable navigation both on highways and in urban areas.

2. VALEO Beep & Park Kit Parking sensors

The VALEO Beep & Park Kit with 4 Parking Sensors is a parking assistance system designed to facilitate and improve the precision when parking your vehicle. This kit includes four parking sensors that are installed in the rear of the car and help detect nearby objects and obstacles during parking maneuvers.

3.GPS Tracker

This tracker offers real-time tracking, and that is, it automatically shows the location information (compatible with Android / IOS APP, Web / WAP), real-time tracking, positioning in GPS / A-GPS / LBS mode and positioning accuracy up to 5 meters. Supports multiple devices to manage GPS at the same time: 1- Smartphone 2 – Tablet 3 – PC

4. Hero Driver LED Pack 2 UN.- Beacon V16 Approved

From now on Legally Replace the Emergency Triangles with the Hero Driver Approved Light V16. V16 LED emergency signaling beacon for cars: Hero Driver 2 Approved V16 beacon – LED emergency signal 9V2 battery operation Lighting modes: Yellow Auto Emergency – White light flashlight IDIADA approval – Device Recommended by the DGTB Magnetic non-slip base

5. Genevo GPS+ High End Spain / Europe Radar warning device

Genevo GPS+ protects drivers against speeding tickets from static threats such as fixed speed cameras, speed cameras and red light speed cameras through its own GPS database. The quality of this GPS database is one of the best on the market since it is made by collaborators from all over Europe.

6. SUNITEC Hands Free Car 5.0

SUNITEC bluetooth hands-free for cell phone is specially designed for those who are looking for convenient, free and unlimited ways of communication. Also, you can connect 2 phones simultaneously. Once the Bluetooth match is established, it will be done automatically next time.

7. TABEN – Car Interior LED Lighting Kit

Car fiber optic ambient lighting kit, illuminate driving with color adjustment, active sound and music sync. Customize multi-scene modes through “Lotus Lantern” APP, “HappyLighting” APP, “ CARDI Tech” or the “LED LAMP” app.

8. Topsale-ycld 4.3″ 1080P Dual Lens Car Auto DVR Mirror

This device combines a front camera and a rear camera into a 4.3-inch rear view mirror, providing an all-in-one solution for video recording while driving. The front camera features 1080P resolution, allowing you to capture high-definition video. quality while traveling. The rear camera, for its part, helps to record what happens behind the vehicle, which is especially useful when parking or when reversing manoeuvres.

9. ATOTO A6PF Android Radio 2 DIN, Wireless CarPlay

The ATOTO A6PF is a double DIN car radio with Android operating system and wireless CarPlay support. This device combines the entertainment and connectivity features of a conventional radio system with the smart capabilities of an Android device.

10. Handpresso – Portable coffee maker 12V Handcoffee Auto

Handpresso is a 12 V portable coffee maker, ideal for the car. Safe, practical and economical, the Handcoffee Auto coffee maker prepares a perfect coffee in 4 minutes.

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