Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

On May 25, LedaMC celebrated its 20th anniversary with an interesting Panel of CIOs, together with clients and friends (Correos, Mapfre, OEPM, ONCE, Orange, Redeia, Repsol, Vodafone).

20 years of LedaMC

The event provided an interesting overview of current trends and challenges in the technology sector. Rafael de la Fuente, founding partner of the company and Quanter, opened the event with special thanks.Agility, quality and measurement. It was Domingo Gaitero and Javier Garzás, Keynote speakers, who, despite the difficulty of the topic (agility, measurement and quality of the software product) added their characteristic touch of humor to address it.

A whole panel of CIOs participated in the celebration of the 20 years that LedaMC has been saving costs for its clients as a result of the best measurement of the quality and productivity of its software

When you know software metrics, they are convincing. Next, a panel of CIOs, Ana Arredondo, CIO of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office; Víctor Moro, former CIO of Mapfre; and Carlos Moreno, CTIO of Adamo Telecom began their speech by congratulating the company for its trajectory in these 20 years.Exploring agility, low code and quality in the development of technological projects: perspectives and challenges. The panel continued with topics such as the relevance and impact of agility and low code in project development. Different points of view emerged and the advantages and challenges associated with these methodologies were explored. In relation to the low code, the experts recognized its usefulness in saving time, particularly in smaller projects or those that do not require extreme security.Artificial Intelligence and talent retention, two highly topical topics. Lhe intervention of this selection of experts ended up addressing two highly topical topics in the technology sector: artificial intelligence and talent retention. In relation to artificial intelligence, its potential as a great help in the industry was recognized, although the need for adequate regulation was also pointed out due to its novelty and total ignorance of its potential.

By Alvaro Rivers

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