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This review about Megami no Café Terrace contains spoilers. If you have not seen the chapters, we recommend you do so and then return to read the review.


Megami no Café Terrace – Chapter 8: A local on the beach

With the arrival of summer, Hayato He proposes to the girls to work during the holidays in a position on the beach. Something they accept, so they begin to think of a new uniform and menu, suitable for the place. As the first idea for the uniform, Ouka shows a bathing suit, something that embarrasses Hayato as well as shiragiku, who could not dress it. For the menu, shiragiku he suggests making a watermelon parfait, which everyone instantly agrees to. Preparing one as a demonstration and to use in publicity photos. Hayato he only manages to take two pictures of the parfait before he started eating it Oukaand one being ruined by the sudden appearance of Me, they decide to go to the beach to take pictures of the waitresses in their suits as another method of publicity. The day of opening the position on the beach arrives, being a complete success. Receiving the visit of the suppliers again. With a large number of customers to serve, Riho gets upset with Akane and Hayato, who were talking during work, resulting in them only discussing a way to make iced coffee faster, which is in high demand. Before you can continue with your work, Riho passes out from heat stroke, waking up in his room next to Hayatowho was worried and caring for her.

Megami no Café Terrace - Chapter 8©瀬尾公治・講談社/「女神のカフェテラス」製作委員会・MBS

The line between a swimsuit and underwear

Something quite common in anime, and even outside of it, is the fine line that separates the difference between a swimsuit and underwear. Especially when with one they don’t feel ashamed to teach it but the other does, despite the fact that they are practically the same in some cases. Although yes, I am always grateful for these moments because they are accompanied by fanservice. And knowing the way Megami no Café Terrace it is embracing it, without unnecessary and/or excessive censorship, I am even more so. Now, on the subject Megami no Café Terrace – Chapter 8. I honestly believe that the way he was approached was somewhat “forced”. By this I mean that, like the vast majority of male characters in a similar situation in anime in general, Hayato was embarrassed to see in a bathing suit Oukathis despite the fact that in previous episodes Hayato I had already seen the same Ouka without clothes (in the bathroom scene), but his reaction was completely different. As a step Hayato from being aware but “indifferent” to seeing a naked body to being completely embarrassed by seeing part of a bathing suit? Besides, Ouka she didn’t even show the full bathing suit as a bikini, at least not like she did Riho. That with the latter he would have understood more than Hayato would react that way.

I believe that the subject will always be a center of discussion for the same reason, because I do not see the option that allows a perfect balance for everyone. Perhaps this is due to the different perspectives that can be taken in this regard, both in mentality and perhaps the fact that it is a man or a woman who covers it. In my case, as a man, I simply do not understand and possibly cannot understand it even if it is explained to me with sticks and balls. By the way, for me the character of ‘acchan‘ was the one who took the episode with her swimsuit. Which I love his design and it reminded me of the one who used my undisputed waifu, Risa Momiokain the opening of the first season of “To Love Ru“. And even more thanks to the help of Me and the “Sexy attack!”.

Riho’s development

Having five heroines in the plot, Megami no Café Terrace He had already shown a bit of their possible development as well as their relationship with the protagonist. although recently Akane she had her own “arc” in which she basically just blazed her trail, she wasn’t the first to hint or show some sort of romantic interest in Hayato. putting aside shiragikuof which only its possible connection of “childhood friends” with the protagonist is known, Riho She was the first to give clues. After all, she was reading her fortune pretty early on in the story. Certainly at that time their relationship was not close as it is now, however, it was not as bad as the one she has Hayato with Oukawith constant discussions. As the episodes aired and the story progressed, there were several moments between Hayato and Riho who were raising the ‘flag’ for heroin. For example, the night talk they both had. At that moment I felt that the path of Riho it had already been unlocked, and it even seemed to me that she was aware of that. However, now I think Riho is not at all aware that he developed feelings for Hayato. Getting jealous over meaningless things. Of course, after Akane mentioned not being against having a relationship with HayatoI think Riho is more aware that Akane and Hayato have a relationship, that she herself wants a relationship with him. I think it was evident Megami no Café Terrace – Chapter 8 with the scene where Akane mentions that they changed their band name. While Ouka He realized that when he talked to them about it, it was about his own band, Riho I only saw how they approached Akane and Hayato.

Megami no Café Terrace - Chapter 8©瀬尾公治・講談社/「女神のカフェテラス」製作委員会・MBS
the character of Riho it is one of my favorites in Megami no Café Terrace, both for personality and aesthetics. However, I will not deny that after seeing this more “toxic” side, I feel that my taste for her is less now. Now in Megami no Café Terrace – Chapter 8 showed a flashback of Riho, so I assume his “arc” has already begun. So I hope to see a development of his character and relationship with Hayato in the next episode. We are getting closer to the end of the season and the “arc” of the second of five heroines is just about to start. At this point I’m kind of looking forward to the remaining heroines. Since, although technically there is an episode for each of them, I feel that if they do not do it well, the adaptation will feel very accelerated. Of course, in case they decide to adapt the ‘flag raising’ of all the heroines in this season.

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