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The Spanish technology company Orizon plans to end this year with sales of close to six million euros, which would mean doubling those obtained in 2022. And, this year it has made the leap with its BOA technology for the continuous improvement of technological performance of large organizations. During a meeting with the specialized press held on the Alicante island of Tabarca, company managers reported how they are in the process of adapting the architecture of their technology, backed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial CDTI) for its high innovative capacity, which will be available in the third quarter of this year and after an investment of 1.8 million euros. “Our first forays into cloud and hybrid environments with a technology that is finally capable of finding the origin of inefficiencies and software failures and to solve them definitively, has shown us the serious problem that a surprisingly high number of large companies face in these environments”, explains Ángel Pineda, CEO of Orizon.

The cost overrun of the cloud

One of the keys to the Tabarca meeting was the analysis of the cloud situation in the business environment. And it is that, according to the last annual report that they have developed, large organizations assume unforeseen cost overruns of around 45% in their technological budgets for migration to the “cloud” due to the absence of a real performance management policy. of its infrastructures.

This year Orizon takes the leap with its BOA technology for the continuous improvement of the technological performance of large organizations

The hidden costs of cloud services, such as those associated with processing unexpected peaks and the greater complexity of this environment, which requires highly specialized professional profiles and few in the market, are the most common causes that explain this situation.In addition , and according to this sampling, the result of the migration process to the cloud is classified as negative since close to 80% of the organizations affirm that they have not achieved the objectives that they had set.

BOA Evolution

In this environment is the development of the new version of its flagship solution. The new BOA has a cloud-native architecture that makes it available on major hyperscales (AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure) which will significantly accelerate its time to market, and has also raised its level of automation and intelligence. The new BOA has three main components: a data capture model inspired by the data lake concept, which allows, without installing any agent and regardless of the data format, to extract, store and process large volumes of data the algorithms that order, analyze and correlate information to detect and solve problems their ability to learn and predict

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