Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

According to a study carried out by Cisco, more than half of the organizations consulted, specifically 56%, already deploy a fifth of their workloads in the cloud to support new applications and keep their increasingly digital businesses running. This is clear from Cisco’s fourth annual Global Networking Trends report, based on surveys of 2,500 Network and IT professionals from 13 countries to analyze the evolution of network technology and multi-cloud initiatives in companies of all sizes and sectors. The report reveals several key business trends and priorities, including: For the first time, agility and business performance outperform cost and network management such as main concerns of IT teams. 42% of respondents believe that the development of more agile and scalable applications – which have a direct impact on business results – is a key motivation to migrate to multiple public and private clouds.Simplicity and security are essential.56% list security as the top networking challenge they face when managing distributed and hybrid workloads.Management complexity ranks second, with 53% of respondents citing this challenge.Half of CloudOps respondents (49%) and 42% of NetOps professionals say the security represents their primary motivation for using multiple clouds.

56% of companies already deploy a fifth of their workloads in the cloud to support new applications

The most in-demand tools offer visibility and automation.50% of IT teams rate the end-to-end visibility cas their top priority, while 48% claim multicloud SDN solutions.The following most sought after tools include orchestration and automation (46%), cloud direct network services (43%) and visibility of the entire technological environment (43%).Cloud takes off, but on-premises holds its own.Although cloud adoption continues apace, 50% of respondents say that the majority of their workloads are still deployed on-premises.Even two years from now, 38% still expect the majority of workloads to be deployed on-premises. To provide greater operational consistency and the best possible user experience, NetOps and CloudOps teams should consider management platforms that support a pervasive cloud operating model across the entire cloud/network stack.multicloud motivations: Agile development for enterprise applications (42%), security management (42%), better services and applications (41%), and increased business agility (40%) top the list of factors driving multi-use adoption. cloud. “In this multi-cloud world, most environments will continue to be a mix of public cloud, private cloud, edge, and on-premises,” he says. Roberto Moral, Director of Architectures at Cisco Spain. “And each evolution introduces new management, performance and security considerations, with complexity being one of the biggest concerns for IT teams.”

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