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As we had previously commented, fans of Chainsaw Man they were quite excited about this past weekend. It was not only going to take place in CHAINSAW MAN FESTIVALan event exclusively dedicated to the franchise, but also the MAPPA STAGE 2023a special event where studios MAPPA they would be in charge of presenting new information about their upcoming projects.

With two events, it was impossible for Chainsaw Man not to have a major announcement, right? Well, against all odds and even having two great opportunities to do so, there was no major announcement for the franchise. Not even a compilation film, even if it is, as happened with Bocchi the Rock! In the words of the Japanese fans, it was a complete disappointment (not just the Chainsaw Man panel, but most of the MAPPA event in general).
And as an example, in the comment forums the closing of the control panel was shared. Chainsaw Man at the study event MAPPA. In this final section, Kikunosuke ToyaDenji’s voice asked the audience to start chanting “Chainsaw Man! Chainsaw Man! Chainsaw Man! from their seats. This led to a totally unfortunate scene, where only the panel of voice actors was chanting the title of the franchise, while the public barely moved their arms without any motivation. And with respect to the complete panel, the most important thing that was announced was a raffle for new products from the franchise, such as Denji and Pochita stuffed animals, as well as a motley that we had already seen the night before, at the event of Chainsaw Man. But you’re probably here to read what the Japanese had to say about it: “Wow, that’s a tough crowd.” “I feel sorry for the voice actors, if I feel sorry for others to look at this, I can’t imagine how bad they had it.” “It seems that the production told them, ‘do something to entertain the public,’ but it seems that it did not work at all.” That Chainsaw Man panel shutdown was the worst I’ve ever seen. I felt sorry for others, and that was not even there ». “Did they do it as some game punishment? Otherwise I don’t understand in whose head this was a good idea. “There is no person alive who can take this pressure, maybe the guy who announced that Diablo was coming to smartphones.” “Chainsaw Man fans were perhaps utterly disappointed by that point, but we have to agree that the voice actors weren’t to blame.” “The voice actors acted as professionally as possible in this situation, too bad the production ones didn’t. My god, you can’t do a panel without having anything prepared. Although Shingeki no Kyojin’s new visual was pathetic, at least they surprised us with jaw-dropping live voice acting, Chainsaw Man had nothing going for it.” “This guy tries by all means to make people like him, I notice him desperate.” “It looks like the audience decided not to forgive them, I didn’t really get to watch the whole segment.” “When they were presenting the raffle prizes, they really dared to say, ‘This is what you’ve been waiting for.'” “I find it disappointing that the director and producer, who should be responsible for all of this, literally got away.” “MAPPA doesn’t really know what else to do with Chainsaw Man.” “If there had been no announcement at the special event dedicated to the franchise, it was obvious that there was not going to be one where they were just going to have a panel.” «If you were going to do a raffle for franchise products, how is it possible that you did not do it at the event that people paid to go to the day before? Could they fire the jerk who is in charge of all this already? «Well, the voice actors went to the panel and talked about their favorite food (the same thing they had already talked about at the event the day before), they presented the product raffle and they did the choreography, all by themselves. Disappointing”. “The reason for all this infamy is that the fans made enemies with a lot of people, even before the anime came out.” “It was obvious, the entire audience were fans of Jujutsu Kaisen.” «I do not understand this subject, the pessimistic and disappointing atmosphere was obvious from before. Were you unable to read the situation? The right thing to do was to thank and leave, what was the point of humiliating not only himself, but the rest of his classmates? Is it so much his desire to make a name for himself? ». Fountain: Yaraon!

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