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After acquiring BPS last year, the Italian Digital 360 has reached a binding agreement through its Spanish subsidiary Digital360 Iberia to become a shareholder of Omnitel Comunicaciones and AdjudicacionesTIC. For both operations, the deadline to carry them out is September 10, 2023. The objective of the Italian company is to continue growing in Spain through its B2B business generation model. Omnitel Comunicaciones, together With its Portuguese subsidiary Omniprotic, it provides a wide range of marketing and sales support services for leading technology companies operating in Spain and Portugal. Its services range from the management of digital marketing campaigns to the organization of events, through the management of marketing funds for companies or the management of outsourced activities for large global technology providers. With a history of almost 30 years, it has a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized resources present in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. For its part, AdjudicacionesTIC offers a business intelligence service, based on its own platform, for the management of service tenders and technological solutions of the public administrations of Spain and Portugal. The service is offered by subscription to more than 400 clients in the technology sector and is complemented by data analysis and consulting services.

Digital 360 Goal

The joint mission of the companies is to accompany and advise companies and public administrations in the understanding and implementation of digital innovation and facilitate their meeting with the best technology providers. In this sense, the synergies, experience and complementarity of the companies will make it possible to offer new technological solutions for marketing and sales that improve the efficiency of B2B campaigns and help companies increase their sales in the markets where the companies operate. (Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America).

The Digital 360 objective is to continue growing in Spain through its B2B business generation model

Luis Santamaria, commercial director of Omnitel and CEO of AdjudicacionesTICLuis Santamaria, commercial director of Omnitel and CEO of AdjudicacionesTICAs expressed by Luis Santamaria, commercial director of Omnitel and CEO of AdjudicacionesTIC, “with the incorporation of DIGITAL360 to the Omnitel Group, we reinforce our commitment to offer our clients the most innovative services and technologies that allow them to optimize and digitize their business operations and contribute to generating new sales opportunities”, he points out. “The union of two leading martech and sales generation companies in their respective markets only increases the value we can provide to our customers.”Andrea Rangone, President of DIGITAL 360Andrea Rangone, President of DIGITAL 360For his part, Andrea Rangone, President of DIGITAL360, believes that “with the agreement reached, our presence in Spain and Portugal acquires a clear leadership dimension in the market, which allows us to face the development with great optimism.” in the coming years, both in terms of the development of the existing business and the launch of new business modalities in the martech segment. In addition, with AdjudicacionesTIC, the group internationally consolidates its position in the public administration sector with a recursive digital asset of great value for technology companies”.

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