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The high production values ​​of AAAs have, in many cases, turned them into projects that require years of development and millions of dollars. Currently, the common thing is to wait 3 to 5 years for a high-quality launch (at least in the promise) but in the case of Square Enix there are plans for this to change as the company seems to want to appeal to its own franchises to get ahead. .
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Square Enix wants to improve the frequency of major releases

During Square Enix’s recent financial report (via The Gamer), Square Enix revealed that it has plans to release AAA and high production value video games more frequently after the release of Final Fantasy XVI. According to the Japanese company, an important part of its new strategy is that successful online games (such as Final Fantasy XIV), as well as other sources of income, make it possible to better finance the development of great games, addressing the areas that allow their creation. and launch faster without sacrificing quality,

In this sense, Square Enix defines the video games that are within this plan as HD projects and that includes its large releases as well as different proposals such as Octopath Traveler. After the release of Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix will focus on important releases such as the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake and the new installment of Kingdom Hearts. Although the Japanese company has worried its fans due to its mentions of NFTs and blockchain, games as a service and its interest in conquering the western market leaving behind merely Japanese content, it seems that there is still some hope for those who are used to it. company style. Follow here, at WTTSpod.
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