Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Generative AI has captured the world’s attention and changed the way we think about collaboration and productivity. In response, Adobe has unveiled a preview of Adobe Firefly, including a new integration with Bard by Google and expansion of the Content Authenticity Initiative. Firefly will become Bard’s primary generative AI partner in the coming months, enhancing the ability to convert text to images. With the Bard by Google integration, all users will be able to describe their ideas to Bard and generate images through Firefly.

Adobe Firefly brings commercially viable, creator-focused generative AI to millions of people

“The incredible response to the Adobe Firefly beta demonstrates the power and potential of generative AI to inspire more people to create and the high demand for a commercially viable, creator-centric approach,” says Ely Greenfield, CTO of Digital Media at Adobe.

Generative AI Firefly with Bard by Google

The integration of Firefly and Bard by Google will allow millions of Google users to access the ethical image creation and editing capabilities developed by Adobe. They will be able to modify images in Express and use them to create exceptional content using the available templates, fonts, stock images, and high-quality assets. In addition, the program has CAI Content Credentials enabled by default, so all images created in Express Bard with Firefly will have built-in transparency.

By Alvaro Rivers

Award-winning student. Incurable social media fanatic. Music scholar. Beer maven. Writer.