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While platforms like wattpad are filled with stories of gay romance between the most popular characters of the moment, the market for independent novels in Japan is completely different. Franchises such as overlord either Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Kenwhich began as independent novels and eventually attracted the attention of a publisher who began publishing it on paper.

The main sites are Shoutsuka ni Narou and kakuyomubut it seems that the first one became a trend recently not because of a new franchise, but because the user of Twitter “@wasanbong“, a registered writer, revealed that he would stop writing due to his wife forbidding him: Let’s review his entire history of posts made on Twitter:

[Anuncio Importante] I will delete my account at Shousetsuka ni Narou tonight. I have been working on creative activities since 2019, but when I revealed it to my wife, she asked me to stop all this and delete my account to support her as a husband. Of course I refused, but eventually I had no choice but to accept it. Details below:
The first premise is that my son was born in 2018 and I had been writing and contributing to the site since 2019 while at the same time taking care of my son. However, with my son, it was a difficult parenting situation due to her autism, plus my wife’s personality and she was constantly exhausted. Of course, I also worked and followed her as best I could.
Summing up what my wife told me when I disclosed my creative pursuits, she mentioned that she could not forgive me for having a hobby while she was going through a difficult situation taking care of a child and giving up her own interests. She was also annoyed that I kept it in secret for so long, and that I would have to delete my account on the site to calm down.
My wife is moody, sensitive and often depressed and difficult to deal with. Also, her family is in a difficult situation, so she feels overwhelmed. She does have a point though, including other things she mentioned, she has never given up so I gave in to her and decided to delete my account and works.
My creative activities have also been suspended, and I will only resume them with the express permission of my wife, which I don’t know when I will get it. I can’t shake the feeling of regret that I should have told him from the beginning if this was going to happen, but I couldn’t say it at the time because of embarrassment and my family situation. Still, he has given me permission to publish the book on Amazon Kindle which I already have in final stages, so I’ll be active until then.
I sincerely apologize to those people who supported me. I myself have not been able to accommodate my feelings, and feel very sorry and frustrated that I did not receive support from my wife. I would like to think that in the future I will be able to continue writing for all of you. For now, I’d like to leave Kakuyomu and continue to exist on Twitter while keeping a low profile. Sorry for this wall of text, but this is the end. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for your continued support of Wasanbong.

And of course, this did not go unnoticed in the commentary forums in Japan: «I understand the wife. I think she is about to go crazy, but she has managed to keep her sanity thanks to her son. I can understand that she feels betrayed, and you should allow her time off from home sometime. Difficult times make the days seem longer, but I pray that their lives can calm down in the future.” “When it comes to a four-year-old with autism (of course, everyone is different), it is extremely difficult for a parent to care for him. At this stage she must feel exhausted, so you should give her the rest she deserves, at least for a week ». “I understand, I hope that at some point your wife understands.” «“I know my partner is fed up with having to take care of a child with autism, so I will tell him that my hobby is writing novels and I will ask him to support me”, do you realize how bad all this sounds? The guy got tired of only writing novels during his transport time, and now he wanted to avoid his responsibilities at home just to continue doing what he likes. What a guy.” «How sad all this must be for your wife… It is as if you were saying that it is her obligation to take care of her child alone. Do you know what she likes? Just as you have a hobby of writing novels, don’t you think that she also had something that she was fond of, and that she had to give up to take care of the son they both had? ». “Well, considering the family circumstances, I guess it couldn’t be helped.” «I understand, I hope Wasanbong and his wife can find the time to talk and solve all this. I’ll be waiting for your return!” This is how a toxic wife shuts down possibilities. Why don’t they both have hobbies? “I’m unhappy, so you should be too” doesn’t make anyone happy. “And here we have a horrible husband justifying his neglect of home and blaming his wife. Ma’am, thank you very much for her work taking care of her son by yourself. And you, sir, go to hell.” Fountain: esuteru

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