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Accessibility in video games has become one of the missions to be fulfilled by development teams. Today, video games are everywhere and reach different types of audiences, which is why thinking about different situations is essential to cover the majority of users. An example of the above is what Avalanche did in the recent Hogwarts Legacy update.
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Hogwarts Legacy now has an arachnophobia mode

As part of the launch of Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Avalanche has released an update that, in addition to fixing more than 500 bugs, also includes a mode for those who fear spiders. As you read, from now on Hogwarts Legacy has an arachnophobia mode for those players who experience episodes of this type when seeing the spider-inspired creatures that in the world of Harry Potter are large and impressive.

This is the second game in recent weeks to implement an arachnophobia mode. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor did the same by covering those who suffer from this type of phobia, so your experience with Cal Kestis is free of these creatures. While we’re talking about Hogwarts Legacy, a few days ago it was revealed that it had already generated more than $1,000 million, being one of the most successful games of the year and a triumph for Avalanche despite the boycott from some sectors. Stay with us, at WTTSpod.
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