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Sean Murphy signs The Plot Holes, a self-contained work that exudes love for the medium. For literature and recognizes the work of editors in a world as difficult as publishing.

And if the universe of literature corrected itself. If a group of characters who saw their fictions fall came together to correct errors and allow the works to survive so that humanity does not lose their creations, and if the mind of the artists is protected so that it is not lost. What would happen if someone could destroy the system and collapse the literary imagination of all humanity? that’s The Plot Holes.The Plot Holes is the new work of comic book superstar Sean Murphy. Well known for his superhero incursions, he always maintains works outside of that more personal sphere. Whether completely their own or in collaboration with writers like Rick Remender or Grant Morrison, these comics often take risks and break artistic and narrative barriers. Always a little further. And in this new solo creation, the author enters the metaliterary world. But in his style, with action and spectacle, with love for the medium he works in and the figure of storytellers who are men’s dreams when they don’t sleep.

The author

Murphy is a remarkable artist, with an outstanding sense of rhythm and action and a raw style full of force. Any work illustrated by the British is wonderful and when he is in charge of the scripts we enter very different terrain. Endowed with great ideas, he has not always been able to capture or fully develop them in his stories. But with all that he pretends the truth is that any veteran writer would have problems. He always leaves a good taste in the reader’s mouth. And The Plot Holes is less ambitious and more solid than some of his other works.

A fantastic plot that uses science fiction to cover it with a bit of integrity. That speaks directly to us about networks and the future of AIs (without going into the current discussion of whether they are capable of replacing artists). The premise of a metafictional world where characters can cease to exist when not published or edited correctly is brilliant. Creating a group of superheroes of different types of fiction to work saving the same fictions that populated and those that did not survive is a much more complex worldbuilding than it seems, and Murphy controls it and fences it within what he needs. He doesn’t use anything more than what is necessary, but he makes it clear that it is a huge world and the details that the background of each character leaves behind are already colossal. It has a good structure and a great lore, but, what about the story? Another end of the world to avoid and a chosen one? In essence, but it is also the birth of a new world. The fall of the old too rooted in a single person and their vision of outside the fiction in which they live, the old giving way to the new. It is the development of almost flat characters that rely on others to evolve beyond their fictions. An odyssey to save the imagination of humanity. And a tribute to all those who write, draw and edit the words and drawings of a group of people who give us dreams that we already have or give us new ones.


The Plot Holes is a crazy race through all the universes that its author wanted to pay homage to literature (of all kinds) to those who have created it and incidentallyis a wonderful adventure that mixes pulp with fantasy, sci-fi, manga and even the most primitive stories, those of all-too-human gods who make mistakes.

The Plot Holes

The Plot HolesQualification: : The plot holesurl : comicsAuthor : Sean Murphy, Matt Hollingsworth, Dave StewartFormat : PaperbackPublication date : 2023-04-30ISBN: 9788467960891Description : Cliff is an unsuccessful comic book artist whose life suddenly turns upside down when he discovers that he’s really just a character in a bad novel. Luckily, a group of fantasy heroes calling themselves Los Fallos de Argumento will save him from oblivion and give meaning to his existence. With his wacky new companions, Cliff will jump from book to book editing his stories so they can be published… and thus saving the worlds they contain. JOTA (JC Royo) 4.0 4.00 5 Average rating User rating /5 ( Be the first! Votes )

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