Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Fintonic has entrusted Entelgy Innotec Security with the cybersecurity of its infrastructure on AWS. A year ago, the financial company sought to strengthen its security and that of its users with a preventive approach. To do this, it resorted to the managed security services of the cybersecurity company Entelgy Innotec Security, as a partner of AWS, the cloud infrastructure on which Fintonic works. Together, they have managed to create a twenty-four-hour cyber-incident detection and response ecosystem seven days a week, thanks to the Security Operations Center (SmartSOC) of the cybersecurity organization, which, with its Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a service, allows monitoring of the AWS cloud through services such as CloudTrail, Elastic Load Balancer and WAF. “At Fintonic we now have constant control of our platform, which allows us to have a broader vision and anticipate risks and threats, acting before an incident occurs or reducing its impact and scope when it has taken placeā€, explains Enrique Cervantes, CISO of this organization.

Entelgy Innotec Security and Fintonic

This service provides Fintonic with best security, surveillance and triage practices for security events. Fintonic now has constant control of its AWS-based platform, which allows it to act before an incident occurs or by reducing its impact and scope when it has taken place. It is possible to highlight the capacity to act of Entelgy Innotec Security, whose work has helped to contain the incidents with agility, coordinating all the specialized teams of the SmartSOC with Fintonic.

Fintonic has relied on the managed cybersecurity services of the company Entelgy Innotec Security for the detection of its platform on AWS

In the same way, the cybersecurity company has applied its experience and knowledge acquired during more than 20 years in the service and in different clients. Thus, for example, after having observed IMDS (Instance Metadata Service) attacks in other companies in the same sector, Entelgy Innotec Security has made an additional effort to proactively detect this type of attack. It is a specific threat in AWS environments that allows, in a simple way, to extract highly sensitive customer data. It is also one of the most common threats in recent times. From its SmartSOC, the cybersecurity company has been able to identify IMDS access requests that have had a satisfactory result, differentiating between legitimate requests, scans from an automatic application, or real intrusion attempts that seek to access sensitive data.

Knowledge and experience

This has been achieved thanks to Entelgy Innotec Security’s extensive knowledge and experience in cybersecurity. This is where Ingram Micro comes into play, the world’s leading distributor of IT services and solutions, which is in charge of training, training and certifying the Entelgy Innotec Security team in specific knowledge about AWS through its Partnership Acceleration program. Ingram Micro allows Entelgy Innotec Security to have the specialized knowledge in cloud architecture and cybersecurity necessary to offer this type of services with the highest quality.

By Alvaro Rivers

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