Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Version 2023.2 of EasyVista’s integrated ITSM & ITOM platform has introduced a number of innovations and enhancements to its capabilities. The new version delivers a sustainable end-to-end IT service experience for I&O leaders that includes enhanced detection and remediation. faster ticket processing, and Green IT solutions with improved collaboration. “We are proud to release version 2023.2 of our platform which builds on our promise to provide end-to-end service experience solutions for our customers,” said Patrice Barbedette. , CEO of EasyVista.

EasyVista 2023.2

Version 2023.2 improves support for Experience Level Agreements (XLAs), which are important for improving the service experience for organizations.

EasyVista today announced the release of version 2023.2 for its integrated ITSM & ITOM platform.

XLAs measure the perception of service quality by users in relation to the consumption of IT services, which allows IT teams to anticipate the appearance of incidents by identifying the underlying problems. “In version 2023.2, We have added new Green IT sustainability functions that make it easier for our clients to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world”, says Ismael Sabbagh, Country Manager of EasyVista Spain.

By Alvaro Rivers

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