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Damon Lindelof was going to direct a Star Wars movie, but plans changed. This was what happened. The director told the whole truth.

Star Wars He recently announced his next batch of series and movies, leaving everyone surprised. A Mandoverso crossover feature film, a prequel series to everything that has been seen and other surprises arrived a little less than a month ago. Now, on the other hand, other projects were canceled or changed personnel. One of those who suffered from this was the one that was going to be directed by Damon Lindeloff. The director of the Wacthmen, Prometheus and Tomorrowland series had everything ready to join the franchise. However, the plans changed without further explanation. Given what happened, the developer showed his sadness at leaving work. In turn, he gave some statements about it. Now, months after the news and before the novelties presented in the Star Wars Celebration, has spoken again. On this occasion, the filmmaker was left with nothing and there is already a better explanation.Jude Law introduced Skeleton Crew news at Star Wars Celebration 2023. “I was in more than conversations to join the ‘Star Wars universe. I joined the ‘Star Wars’ universe and they asked me to leave”, Lindelof pointed out with noticeable discontent. This, it should be noted, happened last year, before the restructuring of the galactic universe was announced.

What happened to the Damon Lindelof movie then?

With the above, the story that was known until now is completely changed. However, the most curious thing is that what was known… He had said it himself at the time! The change of speech has everyone with doubts. “The project was a true labor of love. The movie is still happening, but unfortunately not with me. I wish you all the best of luck. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy She is an incredible director and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with”, she had commented without detailing the reason for her departure. Likewise, it was recently revealed that Obaid-Chinoy will be in charge of directing the tenth film in the Skywalker Saga. Tentatively titled Dawn of the Jedi, this would be the return of King and other iconic characters. Expect to see a lot of what’s being worked on in the Philoniverse as well.

Star Wars timeline

Star Wars timelineBecause of this, it is also assumed that Lindelof works right in this story. Without a doubt, his personal brand will be seen in the final result. Fortunately, the change of director occurred before starting productionallowing to change many things at will.

Was a door left open?

Not while, although the Pakistani has been ratified as the person responsible for the film, Lindelof did not want to close the door. As a true Star Wars fan, she hopes she gets another chance later. In the cinema she could not, but she could be part of the franchise in the TV.“Would you line up outside the club again and try to get back in? Absolutely. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again… Or try again, as I would say Yoda”, ended in an interview with Esquire.

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