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Epic Games lost the main battle against Apple that began in 2020 and a few days ago it lost again, precisely an appeal to the original verdict. At the time, the leader of Epic Games did not speak about it, but he has already acknowledged defeat and made it clear that the fight will continue. Tim Sweeney once again took advantage of his Twitter account to communicate with his followers and acknowledge that his appeal failed because his company failed to prove Apple’s alleged monopoly on its devices. “Apple prevailed in the Ninth Circuit Court,” Sweeney acknowledged. “Although the Court upheld the ruling that Apple’s restrictions have a ‘substantial anticompetitive effect affecting consumers,’ they found that we were unable to prove our Sherman Act case [antimonopolio]”. Don’t forget to follow us on Google News.
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Epic Games is already preparing the next step in its fight against Apple

However, Sweeney pointed to a small victory for Epic Games thanks to the decision to open up the Apple ecosystem a bit by allowing developers to transact directly with consumers outside of the App Store, a move that we have already seen put into effect. Niantic practice with the successful Pokémon GO. And what is interesting is that Sweeney hinted that he is already preparing, together with Epic Games, the next phase of his plan starting from this point: “We are working on the next steps,” said the manager, who did a reflection exercise similar to that of 2021, when lost the first battle against Apple. “I lost another court verdict, climbed another mountain,” Sweeney said. “The world has been through a lot since 2020, when this journey began, with a lot of progress made by many people in many nations around the world. And here we go!”
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