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The actor Rupert Friend has played the Grand Inquisitor in the Kenobi series, but it is a character that Star Wars fans have not liked.

The Grand Inquisitor is a character that gained a lot of popularity thanks to the Star Wars animated series, which is why they decided to include him in Kenobi, but the fans didn’t quite like it visually, since he was the actor Rupert Friend with a lot of makeup, instead of being made by CGI. Now, Rupert Friend has wanted to defend the Grand Inquisitor in a recent interview with Popverse. “Yes, the key word there, my friend, is cartoons.” Later, the actor revealed that he did not know anything about the character before he was offered the part. “So when I got this role, I wasn’t familiar with the character, or the Inquisitors, or anything like that. So for me, it was completely new. New world, new character, and I wanted to relate to that in my own instinctive way first, but then I noticed Jason Isaacs’ (voice in the animated series) performance. The last thing I wanted to do was impersonate someone else’s performance. So I let my own instincts come out first, and then I took a look at what he had done, which I thought was fantastic.”

The Grand Inquisitor in Star Wars RebelsWhile Jason Isaacs always reassured him that his performance was the best. “And Jason basically bugged me with text messages throughout the entire process about why he was better, and that everyone wished it was him, and all that. So he’s not going to let me forget about it. But if you’ve seen the movie we did together, The Death of Stalin, where he punches me to the ground, maybe it would be the last one.” Do you like the look of live-action The Grand Inquisitor? Leave us your comments

Will there be a second season of Kenobi?

For now, Star Wars has not confirmed that they will make more episodes of Kenobi, so everything suggests that Rupert Friend will not continue as The Grand Inquisitor. Although, he could always come back on some other show. Although, for now all efforts are being made in the time of the Mandalorian which is after Episode VI. Whereas Kenobi’s series is obviously set before Episode IV.

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KenobiAll Star Wars movies and series can be seen on the Disney Plus streaming platform with this link.

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