Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

For a few months now, ChatGPT has been found to pose cyber security risks. In addition, an increase in the sale of premium accounts of the stolen solution has been observed on the Dark Web, which poses a serious risk to privacy, both for individuals and companies. A problem that adds to the recent controversy over the privacy of ChatGPT, with its ban on its use in Italy, and the threat of a blockade within Germany and other countries of the European Union. To go deeper into this, Check Point has discovered that cybercriminals are stealing account credentials ChatGPT premium to bypass the geofencing restrictions imposed by OpenAI and get unlimited access to the features of this artificial intelligence tool.“AI is a powerful tool. At Check Point Software we use it in our ThreatCloud to detect and block cyberattacks in real time. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are also early adopters,” explains Sergey Shykevich, Threat Intelligence Group Manager at Check Point Research.

ChatGPT Stolen Account Trading

Hackers often take advantage of the fact that users reuse their passwords across multiple platforms, allowing them to use collections of emails and passwords spread across the dark web to find matching credential combinations to access accounts.

Check Point Research warns of an increase in cases of theft and trading of ChatGPT Premium accounts by cybercriminals

Most of those stolen accounts are being sold, but some of the attackers are also sharing the stolen ChatGPT premium subscriptions for free to advertise their own services or new tools for stealing other accounts. accounts and their structure were shared, researchers have concluded that the thefts were carried out using an account verifier, ultimately leading them to SilverBullet, a non-malicious web testing suite. This software can be used to extracting and analyzing data, performing automated pentesting tests, or unit tests through selenium, among other functions. However, it is also frequently used by cybercriminals to perform credential verification attacks against different websites and thus account theft.

By Alvaro Rivers

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