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Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to what is the best type of mattress to care for your back and neck. However, although the decision is subjective and everything depends on individual needs, no one can doubt that viscoelastic mattresses fit better to the body. In contrast, those made of latex have a higher density, which is why they are considered more durable and recommended for people of high weight. Considering that both provide special benefits, especially if we choose Dormity’s viscoelastic mattresses, the solution to the questions awaits after evaluating the characteristics of each one and comparing them with our interests.

Firm or soft mattress: what is better for my back and neck?

When talking about mattresses, the first thing to consider is personal taste. However, the picture changes a bit when it comes to people who suffer from back pain or cervical problems, since they require a rest surface. that provides adequate support. In this sense, the best mattress is the one that favors the alignment of the spine, so it is wrong to generalize assuring that firmness guarantees good rest. While it is true that a firm mattress has a greater capacity to support weight and improves support for heavier users, we cannot ignore that excessive firmness prevents full contact of the body with the surface and exerts greater pressure point on the shoulders and hips.

What do the specialists say?

Doctors generally recommend sleeping on a firm mattress. However, studies such as the one published in the medical journal The Lancet in 2003 reveal that the highest percentage manages to rest on medium-firm mattresses. Considering this, from the point of view of firmness, viscoelastic models are presented as a feasible solution, since they adjust to the anatomy of the body without compromising support capacity.

Is there an ideal mattress to relieve pain?

Although therapists sometimes recommend the use of a waterbed as an option to combat discomfort, not all of us have the resources to access this type of element. Currently, the market is full of brands and models that promise wonders, but basically, there are two options to choose from: a latex or memory foam mattressHence, it is best to compare the pros and cons of each material before making the final decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of latex

Although the material is characterized by its high level of elasticity, mattresses of this type They are usually rigid and have a long service life.. The minimal adjustment capacity to the contour of the body favors contact with strategic pressure points of the body, thus helping to reduce muscular tension. Unlike conventional models that integrate springs or foam, the core of latex mattresses is compact. Although the density of the core is an advantage from the point of view of firmness and durability, it also works against it because it offers a limited breathability. In this way, the use in bases or upholstered canapés is not recommended, nor in hot climates or with excess humidity. On the other hand, we must be very careful when buying, since there are manufacturers that compromise the quality of the product by combining the use of natural latex with synthetic components in order to lower prices.

Advantages and disadvantages of viscoelastic

The greatest advantage of the material is the so-called “memory trace effect”, which gives it the ability to conform to the surface when subjected to a little pressure and then return to its original shape. Based on this, it allows the perfect fit between the body and the mattress. This quality makes it especially effective in eliminating pressure points that generate discomfort, thus helping to reduce tension or muscle contractures that sufferers of back and neck pain present. As for the core, it is usually made up of layers of foam, which justifies its outstanding level of comfort. Likewise, the variety of sizes available in different degrees of density add points in favor. The proper adjustment of the body to the surface of the mattress not only promotes rest and reduces discomfort or pain, but also optimizes the proper functioning of the circulatory system. The only drawback we found is its price.

What mattress to choose if your back hurts?

Once again, we reiterate, there are no right and wrong answers. However, in our opinion, the distinction goes to the viscoelastic mattresses for multiple reasons. Thanks to its ability to conform to the contours of the body, memory foam molds to fit and distributes weight evenly. The reduction in pressure points has three advantages: comfort, quality of rest and, of course, pain relief in the back and neck.

Memory foam mattresses reduce movement and align the spine

Unlike latex, memory foam absorbs movement and vibration, an obvious advantage when we sleep together and our partner moves too much. This class of mattresses is called orthopedic and back friendly of the user, which is due to its ability to keep the spine aligned during rest. The custom fit eliminates discomfort and favors posture.

A good new mattress, the best for your back and cervical

Taking into account that the quality of mattresses is measured according to the ease and efficiency with which they provide support to the body, it is valid to affirm the need to renew the product after a reasonable time of use. Although there is no standard rule, Its useful life ranges from 8 to 10 years.It all depends on the quality of the product and the profile of the user.
To identify if we need an immediate replacement, we must consider three factors; the height, the level of firmness and the ability to support the body. In addition to the discomfort generated by feeling the springs, sleeping on deformed or uneven mattresses compromises health and comfort.

How to choose the best mattress for the back and neck?

So far, we have managed to break the myth that a firm mattress is the most suitable for those who suffer from back or neck pain. The body needs the correct cushioning when resting, otherwise it is impossible to eliminate the pressure points that generate discomfort. Faced with this scenario, the key to choosing is to find the product that best suits our bodyAfter all, what works for some may cause discomfort for others, and vice versa. However, if you cannot test the mattress before purchasing, you should pay attention to our physiology or that of the user. People with a large complexion require especially firm products.

Assess posture, thermoregulation, and age

The way of sleeping reduces the search margin. Those who usually sleep on their stomachs require a soft surface, while those who rest on their sides will have a viscoelastic model as the solution to measure keep the natural curve of the spine aligned. Another detail that comes into play is the ability of the material to retain heat and prevent moisture. Memory foam is breathable and hypoallergenic, which is perfect for regulating your temperature. Regarding age, for children and adolescents the use of medium-firm mattresses is favorable, contrary to what is recommended for older people.

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