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The Pokémon TCG community is going through a very controversial time, as it helped bring to light a major theft suffered by The Pokémon Company after people involved in the card production process stole priceless cards in bulk. Because of this, were the other card buyers affected? The Pokémon Company spoke about it. In the Pokémon TCG card packs, common units are mixed with other rare ones, occasionally, if the buyer is lucky, they can find extremely rare cards, which are the most valuable in collecting circles. Don’t forget to follow us on Google News.
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However, after it became known that hundreds and perhaps even thousands of rare cards from the Fusion Strike expansion had been stolen, the community that consumes these products was shrouded in uncertainty as to whether this massive theft affected the probability of drops. of rare cards in the packs they bought. There are users who imagine that the theft was considerable, but in the end not big enough to affect all the products that The Pokémon Company sells. There are others who imagine that the letters were removed long before they were packed, and that their place was replaced not by a common letter, but by another similar one; so in the end the theft would not have affected the rate of appearance in the packs. However, there were those who were not calm about it.

Did the Pokémon TCG card draw affect consumers?

Well, in the midst of controversy and uncertainty, The Pokémon Company had to come out and talk about the situation. The company made it clear that the matter is still under investigation and therefore cannot discuss it in detail; in fact, he referred to the theft as something potential and did not confirm it. What he did assure fans, however, is that his Pokémon Sword & Shield-era products (to which the Fusion Strike expansion belonged) shipped to stores without issue and that there is “no indication that the integrity of the products has been impacted by a theft”.
In case you missed it: new expansion of Pokémon TCG is causing a sensation for a card of a waifu. Finally, The Pokémon Company endorsed the commitment it has with its consumers regarding the quality of its products and mentioned that it is constantly investing to improve the Pokémon TCG business. “We take the protection of our IP and associated products very seriously,” The Pokémon Company said in a statement to Nintendo Life. “This matter is still under investigation and we cannot comment further on it at this time. However, we can confirm that Sword & Shield packages and products were shipped to stores as planned and we have no indication that the integrity of the products has been impacted by any confirmed or unconfirmed theft In addition, we continue to invest significantly in both production and the security of our business [de Pokémon] GTC. We value the faith that fans place in us and our products, and these investments are planned to help us continue to maintain their trust.” What do you think of the situation that The Pokémon Commpany is going through? Tell us in the comments. You can find more news related to Pokémon TCG if you visit this page.
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