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Rafael Ceballos Atienza Rafael Ceballos, with more than 23 years in the online training sector, is the founder and CEO of the company Faro Edtech.
Q. As CEO of the company, how would you define Faro Edtech?
Faro Edtech is the leading health education company that seeks to provide a global response to educational challenges. The Faro Edtech team seeks to accelerate the transformation of society through technological innovation and the creation of unique learning experiences. We believe that online education is the key to the future of education, and we are committed to providing an exceptional and effective online learning experience for all professionals. The entire Faro Edtech team understands the importance of education as a driver of change and progress in society. For this reason, we are committed to the development of educational technologies and solutions that allow learning in a more agile, personalized and enriching way. Our mission is to be leaders in the globalization of knowledge in the area of ​​health, promoting technological innovation and building alliances with leading organizations that share this vision.
Q. What is the history of Faro Edtech? How did the project come about?
The history of Faro Edtech is interesting and exciting. The project arose in response to the growing need for quality education that was accessible and affordable for all. Based on this vision, in August 2000, Formación Alcalá was born with the aim of providing training to healthcare personnel interested in acquiring new knowledge and skills through physical manuals. In just 6 years since its foundation, Formación Alcalá experienced remarkable growth in its workforce, going from having only 2 people to having a team of 12 professionals. Since its inception, the institution has stood out for its innovation in the field of education and for its commitment to quality and educational excellence, signing agreements with prestigious Spanish universities and building alliances with leading organizations in the health sector. In 2017 ESHE was born, an international company that offers a wide variety of certified and valid programs for nursing, physiotherapy, psychology and medicine professionals. During those years, the company established alliances with leading organizations and institutions in the market, which has contributed to its consolidation as one of the main educational companies in Spain. In June 2021, Acon Investments acquires a majority stake in Formación Alcalá. ACON supports the company in its mission to advance and take another step in its international growth strategy, beginning its expansion in the Latin American market. A few months later, the company announces its deployment in the LATAM educational market with the aim of expanding its presence in the region and offering its services to a broader audience. Over time, and thanks to the great demand from professionals, three new sub-brands were created that broaden the offer of educational technology services and solutions. A year later, three new digital education brands appear: Hypatia Education, Faro Business School and Faro Health Education. At the end of 2022, Faro Edtech emerges as the leading company that leads the mission of this team of brands that seek to provide a global and international response to current educational challenges.
Faro Edtech, a benchmark in health education.
Q. How has Faro Edtech positioned itself in the educational market as a benchmark in health training? How do you see its evolution to date?
Faro Edtech has managed to position itself as a benchmark in health education thanks to its innovative approach and its commitment to educational excellence. We have focused on offering high-quality content, designed by experts in each subject, and using cutting-edge technologies that provide an interactive and dynamic learning experience. With a firm commitment to digital education and with a deep understanding of the challenges facing the training sector, we have built alliances with leading organizations and institutions that allow us to be at the forefront of trends and advances in the education sector. health. The evolution of Faro Edtech has been very positive to date. The company has managed to position itself as a benchmark in health training in the educational market thanks to its high-quality educational offer, our focus on innovation and educational technology, and our adaptation to market needs. In this sense, we have worked hard to improve the learning experience, implementing innovative educational technologies and tools adapted to current needs. In terms of expansion, in just one year, we have managed to impact the educational system of different Latin American countries, thus consolidating our presence in the Latin American educational market.
Q. What is Faro Edtech’s mission? Where do you want to project?
Faro Edtech’s mission is to promote the globalization of knowledge in the health area through technological innovation, building alliances with leading organizations that share our vision. We want to transform online education, offering a high-quality, personalized, accessible and inclusive learning experience that allows professionals to achieve their goals in different areas of knowledge. Regarding geographic expansion, we seek to continue growing in different countries in Latin America and in Europe, consolidating our presence in the international educational market and promoting inclusion and equity in education globally.
Q. What is the differential value of Faro Edtech’s educational offer compared to other companies in the sector?
We believe that our educational offer is differentiated from other companies in the sector by our focus on personalization, technological innovation, our experience in education and our agility and flexibility. One of the main strengths of Faro Edtech is the team of professionals committed to quality and excellence in everything we do. We value teamwork and encourage open and transparent communication to ensure that everyone is aligned with the objectives and goals of the company. We are a young team, which has extensive experience in the educational and technological sector, which allows us to understand the needs of the market and develop innovative and effective educational solutions that help our clients achieve their learning objectives and improve the quality of the education. At Faro Edtech we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and adapt our solutions to their specific requirements. We focus on establishing trustworthy and lasting relationships with leading organizations in the sector, which allows us to collaborate on long-term projects and provide high-quality service in our digital programs.
Q. What are the biggest challenges facing Faro Edtech in today’s market?
As an edtech company, I believe one of our biggest challenges is standing out in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace. There are many companies in the edtech sector that offer solutions similar to ours and we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Another challenge is to quickly adapt to changing market needs and new emerging technologies. Technology is constantly evolving, and we must ensure that we are up to date with the latest trends in order to offer innovative and relevant solutions to our clients. We must also face the challenge of reaching a broader and more diverse audience. Education is a fundamental right for everyone, and we want to make sure that our solutions are accessible to professionals from different educational sectors. Finally, like any company, we must maintain a solid and balanced financial base. We need to continue to invest in research and development, improve the quality of our products and services, and grow our customer base so that we can continue to grow and expand into new international markets.
Faro Edtech, a benchmark in health education.
Q. How do you see the future of education and technology?
I believe that education and technology are destined to continue to be increasingly interdependent in the future. Technology has revolutionized the way we teach and learn, opening up new opportunities for online education and personalized learning. In the future, we will see even more technological innovations that will change the way we educate. Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality or gamification are just some of the technologies that are being used more and more in education. These technologies can improve the efficiency, quality, and personalization of learning, and allow students to access high-quality educational resources from anywhere in the world. However, it is also important to note that technology cannot completely replace traditional education professionals. The future of education and technology will be a combination of traditional education, online learning and lifelong learning, supported by a wide range of innovative technologies that will improve the quality and accessibility of education for all.
Q. What are Faro Edtech’s most immediate projects?
At Faro Edtech we are working on various projects that are important to our growth and expansion strategy. One of our most immediate projects is the market launch of six official master’s degrees together with the Italian University e-Campus. We are looking to establish strategic alliances with other companies and organizations in the edtech and educational sector to strengthen our position in the market and improve the quality of our services. Thanks to the signing of these agreements, we are developing new educational technology solutions that meet the specific needs of today’s market. We have recently signed a collaboration agreement with the San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University (UCAM), one of the most prestigious universities in the country, thus expanding our catalog with new training programs. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of our educational services. For this reason, we continue to improve and expand our online learning platform, to provide our students and professionals with a more personalized, interactive and enriching learning experience. In this regard, we explore new ways to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the quality and efficiency of educational programs. We know that investing in research to develop new technologies and innovative educational solutions is essential to continue evolving. We must face the challenge of exploring the possibility of expanding our educational services to new international markets. To achieve this, we are identifying new business opportunities. Last year, Faro Edtech decided to go one step further in its mission and began its international growth strategy by beginning its expansion in the Latin American market. Almost a year later, the company is based in Colombia and has expanded its services in more than 20 countries in the region, positioning itself as one of the main options chosen by students and companies seeking training in health and educational technology. All these projects are essential for the growth and expansion of Faro Edtech.

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