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The long-awaited premiere of the third season of Kimetsu no Yaiba finally arrived last weekend to the whole world, despite the fact that it had already been released in advance in theaters in Japan a few weeks before. The premiere was notable for many moments, both highlighted and criticized, especially for the extended length of this first episode.
While some criticized the “excessive use of effects and shots” in the Gathering of the Higher Moons section in the Infinite Dimensional Fortress (assuring that they only did it to make it more attractive and artificially extend the entire scene), others preferred to focus on some simpler details. Of course, the scene Mitsuri Kanroji naked in the hot springs gave a lot to talk about at the time, but there was another return that excited a large number of viewers. When Tanjiro Kamado finally woke up in the facilities of the Mansion of the Butterflies after several months in recovery, the first to notice that she had woken up was Kanao Tsuyuri (although theoretically it was Inosuke, who had already been there for several hours). His expressions immediately caught the attention of the fans, because he had a quite noticeable change in attitude compared to the first seasons:

Kanao Tsuyuri

Of course, the fans did not miss the opportunity to express their comments: “I really like how they showed Kanao’s expressions and personality change. She always had cold expressions and was devoid of life, but when Tanjiro spoke to her, she changed and so did her personality.” “Pretty excited to see more of her character developing in Kimetsu no Yaiba. She’s so cute and innocent.” “She deserves more screen time.” “She Now she seems less shy, that increases her beauty by hundreds of points.” “Kanao went from looking beautiful to looking gorgeous this season.” «I am shocked now that I heard Kanao speak in the first episode of the first season. I am very excited!”. “They did a great job showing how much she has changed after her conversation with Tanjiro, I think she is much happier now.” “I love her character development.” “Her arc of her is slowly developing and I love it. From needing a coin to decide in the first season, to abandoning the coin and using her own heart as Tanjiro said in the second season, now in the third season she is speaking more, she is worried about Tanjiro’s health and actually yelled at the room to shut up.” “If we look closely, it seems that her thighs became meatier than the first time she appeared.” “I don’t think she got fat on the thigh thing, if you want to be a demon slayer you obviously have to exercise a lot.” “It’s not that, rather her skirt gets shorter every time she bumps into Tanjiro.” Fountain: Yaraon!

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