Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

IT managers in Spain are among the most likely to give priority to improving security. And it is that, we are living one of the most transcendental periods of change: Connected digital technologies have already transformed our way of living and working. This is highlighted in the study on decision-making in the IT field of Colt Technology Services, carried out based on data extracted from 12 countries in Europe and Asia. Where, one in three companies cite AI and emerging technologies among their top three priorities. “Our research reflects this: We are seeing CIOs prioritize secure and agile network capabilities like SD WAN and Cloud alongside security, AI and the metaverse. As we head into the latest industrial revolution, it’s time for digital infrastructure to shine,” explains Keri Gilder, CEO of Colt Technology Services.

Decision making and security in the IT field

The main conclusions by country are:AsiaJapan: IT decision makers in Japan focused more on improving network flexibility, with six in ten (59%) citing it as a priority. Deployment of SD WAN solutions was mentioned by 44%, followed by 42% who prioritized improving security, the lowest percentage of all countries.Singapore: IT managers in Singapore cited improving security. security (54%) and network flexibility (49%) as key priorities, followed by new communications and collaboration applications (43%).Hong Kong: 45% of IT managers surveyed in Hong Kong cited as facilitating remote work as a top priority, the highest number of all countries surveyed. 55% affirm that they give priority to security, and 42% to new collaboration and communication applications.EuropeFrance: 53% of IT decision makers listed improving security among their top three priorities. New collaboration and communication apps were a top priority for 41%, with the same percentage focusing on enabling a remote workforce.Germany: Improving security was the most common priority (53%) among IT managers in Germany, followed by network flexibility, cited by 44% of respondents. Cloud migration and new collaboration and communications apps were reported by 43%. UK: More decision-makers in the UK prioritized AI and machine learning than any other region (40 % vs. 33% on average across all regions). Improving security (48%) and deploying new collaboration applications (44%) were also top priorities.

Colt study across 12 countries reveals network flexibility and improved security are top priorities

Italy: IT decision makers in Italy were the most likely to name new collaboration and communication applications among their top three priorities: a priority for 53%, versus an overall average of 39%. Their highest priority was improving security (58%), while 39% mentioned improving network flexibility. Spain: 57% of IT managers surveyed in Spain consider improving security a priority. 42% listed network flexibility and 39% the ability to work remotely among their top three priorities.Netherlands: IT managers in the Netherlands are the most likely to prioritize moving to the cloud (43 %, eight percentage points above the average). Improving security is the most mentioned priority (55%) and the deployment of new collaboration and communication applications was mentioned by 43%. Sweden and Denmark**: IT managers in these regions were the most likely to consider security improvement: seven out of ten (69%, compared to a global average of 53%). Improving network flexibility was the next most mentioned priority by 46%, with 38% focusing on making remote work easier.North AmericaUS: One in two (47%) of IT managers surveyed in the US cited the deployment of emerging technologies as a priority. This figure is the highest in the entire survey, 13 percentage points above the average (34%). The same percentage (47%) considered improving network flexibility a priority, while improving security was the most repeated priority, with 52%.

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