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Overwatch 2 continues to expand and is already preparing to receive Season 4, which will introduce new content such as skins, events, and much more. Additionally, fans will be able to play an all-new hero who promises to disrupt the tempo of matches with his unique abilities. Through a post on its official blog, Blizzard Entertainment unveiled all the content that will come to the free hero shooter in the coming weeks and months as part of Season 4, which will officially open its doors next Tuesday, April 11. Below, we share all the details.

Overwatch 2 will introduce a new Battle Pass and cosmetic items in Season 4

First of all, Overwatch 2 will welcome Lifeweaver, a support hero hailing from Thailand. His skill set allows him to create platforms, attract companions to his location, dash to heal himself, and plant a tree that grants healing to nearby allies. You can read more about his abilities and playstyle by clicking on this link. As is tradition, Season 4 will introduce a new free and premium Battle Pass made up of new skins of all rarities, victory poses, Game of the Match intros, memorabilia, charms, coins, and more cosmetic items. This time around, Sigma will receive the Mythic Galactic Emperor skin. Additionally, the store will be updated with new items. Players will have a lot to do and unlock in the new season of the multiplayer video game. We say this because multiple events will debut that will offer free rewards, limited-time game modes, and more surprises.
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These free events and rewards are coming in Overwatch 2 Season 4

The first event features BOB & Weave, a limited time Arcade game mode where 2 teams of 3 players will have to move a BOB across the map with Life Grip, one of the abilities of the new hero Lifeweaver. It is now available and will end until April 25. The second event introduces the Starwatch: Galactic Rescue game mode, where 2 teams of 4 players will have to overcome objectives in special matches set on Lunar Colony Horizon, one of the original Overwatch maps. It will be available from May 9 to May 22. The Season 2 Battle for Olympus game mode will return and will be available from May 23 to May 29. On the other hand, players will have the opportunity to get a legendary skin for Symmetra by completing a series of challenges yet to be specified from May 23 to 29. Finally, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that the first Pride event in Overwatch 2 will begin on June 1, which will seek to celebrate the LGBTQIA + community. Will share more information about it in the future. “We can’t wait to celebrate your friends, family, and what you represent in Overwatch 2!” the statement read. The inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ Pride event coincides with the fact that Lifeweaver, the new character in the free FPS, is openly pansexual. Season 4 will also introduce changes to the hero balance. It’s worth noting that Brigitte received a major change to her ultimate, as she can now raise a giant shield. But tell us, what do you think of these news? Let us read you in the comments. Overwatch 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Click here to read more news related to this free-to-play title.
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