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The future has changed, and Miguel O’Hara is going to have to fight again to fix it. Steve Orlando takes over from Peter David with this miniseries that revitalizes the Marvel 2099 universe. Joey Cavalieri’s ambitious project lives on thanks to the most popular character in the Spiderman franchise. The futuristic incarnation of the net-slinger has been given a second life by its creator Peter David, and now that the net-head universe is more alive than ever, it’s time to return it to its time. But 2099 is no longer the one he knew, he is even more broken than the world that saw him born, and Spiderman will have to repair it!

The story of Spiderman 2099 Exodus

The future is messed up, the Sinister Six left the planet without Avengers and then went hunting in space. Miguel O’Hara has arrived to find out who is pulling the strings of this corporate, selfish and unscrupulous world. A villain he knows very well. But he needs help, he has to reunite the heroes, the hated and feared, those whose lives were stolen by corporations and the last god standing. The saga of the year 2099 was always complicated. A future for a universe as changing as the marvelita was something difficult to forge, but it was done. For the line to increase and the setting to evolve much more than the mother period was almost impossible, but it was done. In the end it was the economy that knocked down 2099, sales and the comic book crisis forced us to forget the future. But the authors did not forget. Spiderman returned in the midst of the fever for alternative versions of the character, and Peter David recovered the character he had created. He brought him to the present and changed the timeline to change to 2099, a new beginning.After the saga of the character there was a series of specials that sought to resuscitate the line, but it did not quite materialize. Now, Steve Orlando, a rising writer, wants to do it. Cyberpunk lover and everything that implies, 2099 was a time he enjoyed in his youth, and now that he can, he intends to bring the future back to shine. To a dark future, full of technology, injustice, evil companies and ecological catastrophes.

The script

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Orlando is in charge of writing the entire series, from the specials that open and close the saga with Paul Fry to the drawing to the individual numbers on the Winter Soldier, Loki, The Avengers, Black Widow and Hawkeye and the X-Men. A choral story about recovering the future, piece by piece, each hero in his field and how he knows how to do things. Although not all of them are as clean as their present incarnations, and the morality of a cyberpunk world is very different from that of the Age of Heroes, Orlando knows how to play with the presence of Spiderman, without dominating in the episodes of each of the characters, but leaving his presence clear, and also some manipulation to achieve his goal, the villain in the shadows. To be honest, no one will be surprised who the Final Boss is, but that doesn’t mean that the trip was interesting, and especially action. And a handful of new characters for a future 2099 with good wickerwork.

The drawing

The drawing is as choral as the work, Paul Fry stands out by having more pages with his clearer and more superheroic style. But his best asset is Ze Carlo with his deforming and extreme style that gives the X Patrol chapter a lot of personality and, above all, strangeness and impact. To highlight the pages of Kim Jacinto with a clean superheroic style for the Avengers and his confrontation with the Sinister Six. Spiderman 2099 Exodus is a good opportunity to recover a line that could have a lot of impact due to its genre, cyberpunk, which he denounces and screams for a horrible future that is almost here.

Spiderman 2099: Exodus

Spiderman 2099: ExodusQualification: : Spiderman 2099: Exodusurl : comicsAuthor : Paul Fry, Alessandro Miracolo, Kim Jacinto, Zé Carlos, Zé Carlos, Zé Carlos, Zé Carlos, Zé Carlos, Zé Carlos, Zé Carlos, Zé Carlos, Zé Carlos, Steve Orlando, Dave Wachter, Marco CastielloFormat : PaperbackPublication date : 2023-03-09ISBN: 9788411501675Description : After fighting battles throughout the timestream, Miguel O’Hara, the 2099 Spider-Man, finally returns home to defend his present…and our future! He discovers the next challenge for the Marvel Universe to come, with 2099 versions of Ghost Rider, the Winter Soldier, Loki, The New Avengers, Black Widow, X-Men, and the Green Goblin. JOTA (JC Royo) 3.0 3.00 5 Average rating User rating /5 ( Be the first! Votes )

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