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Light novels are published by all the major publishers in Japan and have become a huge market. The momentum they bring is unstoppable and adaptations to other media, such as manga and anime, are also going from strength to strength. For this reason, the medium RealSound interviewed Usagi Nakamurathe author of the franchise Gokudou-kun Manyuukiabout the operation of the industry. However, his comment on the isekai genre was the one that drew attention.

The light novel industry is at its peak today. What do you think of the current industry?
I’m not currently involved with light novels anymore, so my comments are coming from a consumer point of view. I believe that the “Narou” (independent novels) were a key point in the success of this industry, but also the excessive increase in the number of “reincarnation and another world (isekai)” themed stories.
In addition to isekai stories combined with villains are also on the rise.
Suddenly, the protagonist gets impressive ability and gets a harem of beautiful girls. These kinds of stories are being mass-produced, and I wonder where the originality has gone today. Aren’t these people embarrassed that their stories are almost identical to someone else’s? When I debuted in this industry, I wanted to write something that only I could think of, something different from what was out there at the time. I think it’s a matter of pride, I was proud to know that my story was completely original, but I think that has been lost today.
From your perspective, Nakamura-sensei, does the current light novel world seem uniform?
This was a long time ago, but I was selected as a judge in a contest for erotic novels directed at men, and when I read the titles, it seemed to me that they were all written by the same person. I think the same thing is happening with light novels. The template of an isekai story is so repeated that many times it seems that they are all written by the same person, but only changing characters.

Of course, this attracted comments on the forums, noting: “The problem is not the harem or the isekai, it is not what you do but how you do it. The problem is the power fantasy, which plagues fantasy in general, isekai or not. For every “One Punch Man” there are a dozen “Kenja no Mago” or “Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life”, and that’s because the power fantasy is almost always a Mary Sue. A Mary Sue can be done well, but 99% of the time it’s dull and boring because there’s nothing to be gained and there’s no growth.” “The problem is that they don’t know how to write stories, it’s just that.” “It is true that there is an oversaturation of the isekai genre, but it is a problem that solves itself. Over time, people will get tired and the public will move on to something else. Furthermore, authors are always inspired by what they see and have read; I don’t think his “I’m going to do something different and unique” mentality is as prevalent or possible.” “Why stop after you’ve struck gold?” «And here we see the opinion of someone who for the first time in his life has seen how industries work. Popular stuff is exaggerated, that’s how it all works, whether it’s zombies, isekai, or shonen fighting has always happened and always will.” “Well, if you look at anime and even video games, mimicking things has been in fashion ever since. People imitate Fist of the North Star, Mobile Suit Gundam, even the damn Sailor Moon, and of course Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. This woman has just noticed when she has come into his sight in the corner of Japanese literature. Of course, in this kind of cultural cauldron, it’s not the brightest ape that thrives, but the most persistent.” Fountain: RealSound

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