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Despite Destiny 2’s ups and downs, its community has remained afloat and is practically the one that has kept hope in the game, justifying its constant releases. It is known that entering the world of the Bungie title is not easy but there is always a partner willing to help and this is what an elderly player has experienced.
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A 69-year-old player begins her adventure in Destiny 2

A report from GamesRadar shared the case of a 69-year-old Destiny 2 player, a senior video gamer who has started her journey in the Bungie MMO. This woman appeared before the Destiny community on reddit a few days ago, assuring that in 2019 she started playing but after the death of her father she decided to stop. However, it was her son who convinced her to return and from that moment her sessions were longer.

According to her experience, she has advanced in the Shadowkeep expansions and is about to enter The Witch Queen, so she asked the community for help because she wants to learn to play alone and not depend on this adventure other than her online team. In this regard, the 69-year-old gamer says: “My son has been helping me a lot and we have surpassed the Witch Queen, but it is becoming increasingly clear to me what a bad player I am! If we are in a team of 3 or 6 people , I’m always last. In one of our efforts, my son had over 300 kills and I think I had 20. I really love this game and I’m enjoying it, but I feel a little guilty that a lot of you have missed it! Offered to befriend me when I suck!” However, the community welcomed her with open arms and through the reddit post they have shared all kinds of tips and invitations to play for her to learn and WTTSpod. She is still with us, at WTTSpod.
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