Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Taking care of dependent people, especially when they are elderly, is a very important task, but one that must be carried out with patience and desire. This activity can involve moments of exhaustion, tension and worry, however, it is also very rewarding. Caring for dependent elderly people is a task that must be carried out every day, so you also have to be patient and understand that they are people to whom we must give the best of ourselves. We could differentiate between two types of dependent elderly people, those who have always been dependent due to pathologies or congenital injuries or due to an accident or illness, and people who are dependent due to ageing. The latter have been independent all their lives, but over the years they have begun to lose both physical and mental faculties that have made them require the assistance of other people. In both cases they are people who cannot carry out daily tasks without help and therefore do not have autonomy. On many occasions it is the family itself that is in charge of the assistance of dependent persons, but other times for work, family or other reasons, it is impossible to care for the dependent in the correct way, for this reason it is necessary to go to professionals such as that you can find on this website. Qualified and experienced caregivers who know how to perform the basic care of dependent elderly people and with whom they will be in good hands.

Personal hygiene

Cleaning dependent people is one of the most important aspects of their care and must be carried out discreetly and without harming their dignity. The older person may be reluctant, but they must be made to understand the importance of executing certain hygienic measures such as the use of diapers.

Food and nutrition

The diet of a dependent elderly person must be healthy and balanced to avoid problems such as malnutrition or obesity. It has to be adapted to your needs with foods that provide the recommended amount of nutrients. In the way of cooking, soft and soft consistencies and textures should predominate that facilitate chewing and swallowing with highly cooked or crushed foods. You also have to avoid thorns, lumps, bones or any other stumbling blocks that could be dangerous when swallowing.

mental and physical activity

It is essential to prevent the dependent elderly person from falling into neglect, apathy and depression, so we must try to improve mood through mental and physical activity to the extent possible. These types of exercises must be adapted to the circumstances of each person, taking into account their possibilities and also the moment in which they are each day, since this can vary. The most important thing is to find a balance between the person’s safety and the person’s ability to perform any task.

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