Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

AI has become an indispensable ally within companies, and that is that it facilitates a drastically improved hybrid work and customer experience. For this reason, Cisco has presented the new Artificial Intelligence capabilities of its Webex platform. These innovations, specifically formulated to offer an optimized hybrid work experience, cover three categories: Devices, Webex Suite, and Customer Experience. “Cisco has decades of experience in AI with natural language understanding and audio and video intelligence in Webex, and we are excited to extend these innovations across our entire Collaboration portfolio,” said Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Security and Collaboration at Cisco.

Devices with AI solutions

Users will automatically enjoy optimized views in any meeting, at any time, in any space, with new capabilities that offer:‘Cinema’ Meeting Experiences. With cinematic meetings on Cisco Collaboration devices, cameras follow people through facial and voice recognition, automatically switching views like a movie to capture the best angle of the speaker and facilitate greater inclusion of workers both face-to-face and remoteMeeting areas. With this capability, IT administrators can set virtual boundaries for any space in the office, turning it into a huddle zone. Participants are individually framed in a condensed view, leaving out blank spaces. Only people within the defined boundaries are included in the meeting, critical for eliminating distractions in crowded open spaces and glass-enclosed conference rooms


The company has announced new Artificial Intelligence capabilities in Webex Suite, including:High Definition (HD) Meetings that do not require HD bandwidth. Webex super resolution ensures crystal-clear video in meetings, even with low-quality cameras or low-bandwidth conditions

New Intelligent Video for Spaces, Webex Suite Collaboration, and Customer Service Capabilities Ease Worker Engagement and Agent Decisions with AI

Smart re-lighting. To ensure people look their best in any setting, Smart Relighting automatically improves poor lighting when it’s too dim or too bright, such as when working outside on a sunny day.Automatic update of the message “I’ll be right back” (BRB, Be Right Back). This feature automatically issues a BRB message when the user leaves the Webex meeting, removing itself when they return

customer experience

Cisco has also introduced new Artificial Intelligence capabilities for its customer experience solutions, which span Webex Contact Center and its cloud communications platform, Webex Connect:practical information with Topic Analysis, which shows the key reasons customers contact you. Aggregate contact center call transcription data and model trends for business analysts to proactively adapt to customer needs. This ability is self-taught and gets increasingly smarter from customer interactionsAgent Answers, ‘trainer’ of agents in real time. Insights from customer interactions—both self-service and automated—are fed back to the self-learning contact center to increase the effectiveness of human agents. Agent Answers listens and mentors in real time, displaying actionable information and insight-based data that the agent can provide to the customer instantlyAutomated chat summaries. AI-powered chat summaries eliminate the need for agents to read lengthy digital chat histories with customers to determine issues and resolutions. This gives agents a faster and more automated way to digest long texts through key points in an easily digestible format.Automated code for quick customization. The existing Webex Connect feature for creating low-code flows already helps businesses orchestrate and automate personalization with customers based on their interactions. Agents will now be able to simply describe the function they wish to perform – such as “validate an email address” – and the appropriate code will be returned instantly.

By Alvaro Rivers

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