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According to an IDC study, Microsoft, its ecosystem of 12,000 partners (collaborating companies) in Spain and the clients that use the Microsoft cloud, will contribute 25,758 million euros to the Spanish GDP until the year 2025. Of this amount, 2,500 million euros correspond to the impact of the new Cloud Region of Data Centers that Microsoft will soon open in Spain. In the study “Economic and social impact of the Microsoft Cloud in Spain” new conclusions are shared on the impact of the Microsoft cloud in Spain, its long-term implications and growth opportunities for the companies that use it. The cloud has become one of the main priorities for companies, as it is key to accelerating the digitization of organizations and a fundamental pillar for generating revenue and cost reduction. Its maturity in Spain has evolved significantly in recent years, with many organizations transferring a large part of the workloads to a “Cloud First” approach. This boom will also have social derivatives: Microsoft, its collaborating companies (partners) and Customers who use its cloud will generate, together, more than 62,000 new jobs in Spain between 2022 and 2025. Of these, 22,000 will be direct jobs and 40,000 will be generated indirectly in other organizations.

Among the industries that would benefit most from the impact of the Microsoft cloud are the tourism, transportation and professional services sectors.

“Microsoft’s Cloud Region in Spain is going to become a growth engine for our country’s economy. It is associated with strong investments, the creation of jobs, and the generation of local business in the ecosystem of partners and in our clients”, explains Enrique Ruiz, director of the new Cloud Region of Data Centers and director of Microsoft Employability in Spain. “In addition, it will help overcome some of the barriers to cloud adoption in Spain, especially in the public sector and regulated companies, which have specific data sovereignty requirements; as well as in those organizations that require very low latency in their communications. The new Cloud Region will allow us to have the necessary scale to bring applications closer to all users, wherever they are, with the highest security standards, maintaining data residence and facilitating regulatory compliance for clients”.

Contribution of Microsoft and its partners to the Spanish economy and society

The study foresees that Microsoft and its ecosystem of partners will contribute more than 4,000 million euros to Spanish society through taxation on direct jobs and income during the period from 2022 to 2025. In addition, the report foresees that Microsoft and its Collaborating companies will jointly invest more than 3,100 million euros until 2025 to support their growing cloud business. Among the industries that would benefit the most from this impact are the tourism, transport and professional services sectors, both in the generation of new income derived from the ecosystem Microsoft cloud, as in the creation of new jobs. They are followed by the industrial sector, financial services and retail. “We have the support of an ecosystem of partners made up of more than 12,000 collaborating companies that develop solutions on Microsoft technology and sell our products and services in the Spanish market”, Enrique Ruiz points out. “At Microsoft, we have a wide catalog of solutions and services that range from infrastructure to platform and software. These resources offer our partners the opportunity to create innovative and customized solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each sector. Our combination of platform and services provides added value that allows our partners to stand out in a constantly evolving market.”

The cloud, a boost of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence

The advantages of cloud-based models provide a deployment framework for the application of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or predictive systems to become competitive advantages. IDC estimates that the global AI market will exceed 127,000 million euros by 2023, with an annual growth of 28%. This is one of the keys that explains the continued growth of the public cloud market in Spain, where rates are expected growth of 22% for these next few years. According to the study, the portion of infrastructure services that will have been migrated to the cloud will increase from 51% in 2022 to 64% in 2025, with an estimated market size in Spain of more than 1,900 million euros. “The IT infrastructure supported in the cloud serves to maintain the continuity of operations as business models shift from physical to digital. Organizations must guarantee reliable digital services and experiences when technological architecture becomes a fundamental pillar of business architecture”, concludes Ruiz.

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