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Super Mario Bros: The Movie is yet to be released, but some of its star actors are already dreaming of a sequel. Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, actors who will give life to Mario and Luigi, shared a crazy idea that, without a doubt, will not be liked by Nintendo. What happens is that the actors talked about the characters they would like to see in a possible sequel to the film. Both were told about Bowsette, an unofficial character from the saga that was created by the artist Ayyk92 and that, in a short time, became a phenomenon. Well, Pratt believes that this character should appear in Super Mario Bros: The Movie 2 and, furthermore, that he should be played by Jack Black, who will give life to Bowser. “It has to be Jack. Jack has to play Bowsette,” the actor said in a chat with The Gamer.
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Pratt and Day want to see these characters in a sequel to Super Mario Bros.: The Movie

Day also thinks Bowsette could be a great character for the sequel, but knows that it all depends on Nintendo’s approval, which has previously made it clear that Bowsette cannot exist in the franchise’s official canon. On the other hand, he stated that he would love to have a girlfriend in the sequel, so he thinks Daisy’s appearance would be sensational. Finally, Pratt made another risky bet, as he stated that he would love to see and give voice to Wario. “Wario, that would be interesting to see. [Él es] like a bizarre Mario or something. So that would be nice. And could he voice Wario? But it’s too early to talk about a sequel,” Pratt said.
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