Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

the japanese portal myjitsu shared an article pointing out that the manga adaptation of one punch manby the popular artist Yusuke Murata, drew attention with its most recent chapter because fans detected “some indications of wanting to start a romantic comedy”. Apparently, Tatsumaki’s reactions after the fight with Saitama, where she blushes in front of him, were not present in the original work.

«Recently, the theory that the manga adaptation of “One Punch Man”, directed by Yusuke Murata, will enter a “fictional development” seems to be gaining strength on social networks. In the most recent chapter published on the Tonari no Young Jump service on March 23, clues seem to have emerged about a development similar to that of a romantic comedy with several heroines, that is, a harem. «In order to determine if Saitama was the right person to be at the side of his sister Fubuki, Tatsumaki engages in an intense fight with him, which reached its conclusion with the most recent chapter. The battle ended in a substantial victory for Saitama, but what drew attention were Tatsumaki’s mixed reactions.». «Tatsumaki had decided to follow a lifestyle where he did not depend on anyone, while he continued to greatly admire Blast, the ultimate hero. However, Saitama’s image is now the one that appears in her memories. And it’s when Saitama recognizes that Tatsumaki’s powers are impressive, that Tatsumaki’s cheeks turn red and she shows a happy reaction. It also shows the face of a maiden when Saitama caresses her head. Although she is known for her dismissive attitude towards others, she now showed something much more like a tsundere, especially when facing Saitama.».

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“Of course, fans reacted to this interesting development with comments like:”The Tatsumaki tsundere who seems to have developed a certain attraction towards Saitama seems adorable to me“; “His face was extremely adorable as Saitama stroked his head.“; and “Tatsumaki-chan has fallen in love with Saitama, or at least acknowledges his existence, something she hasn’t done with anyone else.“». «Definitely, the chapter hints at a romantic development, although it is very likely that it will never take place. However, some others spoke out against this type of expression by Murata.: “It is very strange to see romantic developments towards Saitama”; and “I think that what ONE and Yusuke Murata want to portray in One Punch Man is more and more different.”

«In fact, the recent developments of “One Punch Man” have moved away from the ONE author’s original version of this work. While there was also a match between Saitama and Tatsumaki in the original web manga, no hints of a romantic comedy development were ever given. In addition, in chapter 223, published a while ago, there were hints towards a love triangle involving Fubuki, similar to “To LOVE-Ru”, something that does not exist in the original work.». «First of all, it is said that “One Punch Man” is not too far from resembling a light novel, in the narrative sense, since it has an extremely powerful protagonist. Following that logic, these types of stories are usually accompanied by a harem of beautiful girls that arrive one after another into the arms of the protagonist, so the impression that fans have is that this type of plot twist could come. Will Murata really intend to add touches of romantic comedy in One Punch Man?». Fountain: myjitsu

By deepak yadav

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