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Over the years, the anime industry has had its fair share of controversies and shocking moments. From big plot twists to unexpected character deaths, anime always finds a way to surprise its audience. One of the most memorable parts of any anime is its final scene. Though most follow the usual “happily ever after” path, some shows get creative, for better or worse..
Many anime titles have become famous for their unusual endings. From sudden cliffhangers that leave fans waiting for a sequel that never came, to heartbreaking deaths in the final scene.these shocking endings have frustrated many over the years and have left a black mark on their series name.
CLANNAD: After Story

CLANNAD is an endearing anime series that many consider one of the saddest stories of all time. Right from the start, this series brings tears to your eyes with one story arc after another. However, neither can compare to the final arc of CLANNAD: After Story, which takes place after the protagonist Tomoya and his girlfriend Nagisa have graduated and started a life together.
CLANNAD features many of the saddest scenes in anime and plenty of heartbreaking deaths that fans have yet to get over. However, the series has become famous for its unexpected ending, in which many of the sad moments are re-contextualized and replaced by the typical happy ending. This decision leaves many fans heartbroken, and while it’s nice that Tomoya and Nagisa are happily ever after, it takes away a lot of the emotions they felt during the trip.
Death Note

It was to be expected that a series like Death Note would not have a happy ending. Most expected the death of Light Yagami, especially those who read the manga. However, when the time finally came, many felt that this leading villain had gotten off easy.
In the manga, Light dies a humiliating and terrifying death while begging Ryuk to let him live, but in the anime, he is sent away with a grace and dignity many believe he does not deserve. It’s a small change, but it affects a lot of the story and is far less satisfying than seeing Light receive the true punishment he deserves.
cowboy bebop

Cowboy Bebop remains an anime classic and has influenced many series ever since. It is a fun and exciting science fiction series with its own unique style. Although the series is not short of moments, fans couldn’t predict its shocking ending. In the last fight of the series, Spike confronts Viscious, eventually taking him down. Unfortunately, he is left with his own fatal injuries, and the series ends with the hero collapsing to the ground. It has not been confirmed or denied if Spike dies or not, but it is still a shocking and infamous scene.
soul eater

Although it was once one of the best anime of the 2000s, the Soul Eater anime adaptation has become infamous among fans. This is mainly due to its confusing conclusion, which adds non-canon plots and strays far from the manga’s plot.
The Soul Eater manga had not yet concluded at the time of the anime’s premiere, so like many other series before it, the series decided to make up its own ending. Unfortunately, most fans were not satisfied with this decision, and many still consider the Soul Eater anime to be a huge disappointment because of it.
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an iconic classic from the 90s, considered one of the best anime to date. Despite its notoriety, many viewers have abandoned it in the past, all thanks to the strange and confusing turn it takes towards the end. The series begins like any other mecha, with a motley cast of characters piloting massive machines and fighting evil.
As Neon Genesis Evangelion progresses, it gets more and more complicated. Until the infamous ending, where things get weirder than ever. Many don’t understand the ending, and some even say it ruins an otherwise great series.
Darling in the FranXX

When it was released, fans had high expectations for Darling in the FranXX. It was destined to be the next big mecha series, and for a while it was. However, the series began to wind down towards the end, and when it came to its conclusion, fans were left utterly disappointed.
Now this once-so-beloved series is considered one of the biggest disappointments in modern anime. Many believe that Darling in the FranXX rushed into its story, which watered down its ending and left fans frustrated and angry.
elfen lied

During its broadcast, Elfen Lied achieved incredible popularity. Even years after its conclusion, it remained a classic of 2000s horror and gore.. However, looking back, the series suffers from many problems, including its disappointing ending.
After so much development, the Elfen Lied anime ends without actually completing the story. What’s worse, it leaves fans on a frustrating, confusing and creepy cliffhanger that seems like an odd place to end the series. It leaves many questions unanswered, and fans are still wondering who was at Kouta’s door in the final scene.
School Days

Most anime fans are well aware of the infamous School Days series and its grisly and gruesome denouement, but many were unaware of this twist when it first came out. The series starts out as a typical romance story, but slowly turns into something much darker.
Before anyone can even react to this change in tone, the series shocks the entire audience with its graphic deaths at the end. As a result of these terrifying moments, School Days has become one of the most infamous anime ever.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann there is no shortage of tragedies, from the death of beloved characters to the most moving stories. However, there is nothing better than the sad end of this classic mecha. After winning the final battle and saving the universe, Simon and Nia are finally reunited and can get married.
During the wedding, everything seems to be going well. Unfortunately, things go awry right after they say their vows and Nia disappears, leaving Simon alone. It’s one of the most shocking moments in the entire series, and fans continue to mourn the loss of Nia to this day.

The ending of the Naruto anime was big news. Many of the fans who had left the series returned just for this special moment. There has been a lot of talk about it over the years, and many had speculated on how this iconic series would end. However, no one could have expected how many twists this ending would take, from Kaguya’s rebirth to the final fight between Sasuke and Naruto.
Even after the war was over, this series had more surprises up its sleeve. Most shocking of all was the final moment of the series, in which Naruto grew up and married Hinata, now with his own family. It was something that no one expected, and not everyone agreed. To this day, it remains one of the most controversial endings in recent anime history, one that fans continue to debate.
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