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It’s nothing new, but it’s still fashionable. Dental piercings, skyces or grills are an everyday thing, which is very easy to see relatively frequently. And it is that, if we adorn the ears, the tongue or many other parts of our body, why not the teeth? Of course, the effect is striking at first glance, but can these piercings affect our oral health? We’ll start by saying no, not even during installation. The reason is that, when placing them, we do not carve the surface of the tooth, we only treat it so that the piece adheres better when placed. So if you are looking for dentists in Zaragoza capable of making your smile shine like never before, Centro Dental Torres is your place of reference.

What are dental piercings or grills

They are generally small gems or jewels made of materials such as sapphire, gold, silver or diamond, among many others, about two millimeters (although there are a wide variety of sizes) with a flat surface conditioned to adhere to the enamel using transparent resin. For their part, grills are covers that cover the spaces of one or more teeth that, like dental piercings, are placed in a simple, painless and non-invasive way. It is important to note that, although we are talking about piercings, the dental piece is never drilled or carved. Preferably, these little jewels are usually placed on the teeth that are most visible when we smile: the upper canines or the lateral incisors (and very important; always away from the gums).

What oral problems can dental piercings cause?

Actually, there is no direct relationship between the use of dental piercings and the appearance of dental problems. The only problem you may encounter is that the gems themselves make the flat tooth surface somewhat rough. Therefore, if you do not maintain good hygiene habits, it is possible that a greater accumulation of plaque occurs and you get to generate cavities more easily, but it is nothing that you cannot avoid in a simple way by taking care of the daily cleaning of your teeth. teeth. Of course, it is very important that both the placement and removal of dental piercings be carried out by professionals, such as those you will find in the Torres Dental Center clinics.

How to maintain good oral health with a dental piercing

To maintain good dental health when you have dental piercings, it is necessary to sanitize the area, as in the rest of the dental pieces. In any case, and regardless of whether you have dental piercings or not, we always recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day, taking care of interdental cleaning with floss or interdental brushes, using mouthwashes and, of course, visiting your dentist. trustworthy to detect possible problems in time. This is the way to wear a beautiful smile at all times and to keep your mouth cared for and healthy. On the other hand, and thinking about the conservation of the piercing, we recommend that you be careful when biting on hard or sticky foods (such as chewing gum), as well as with the consumption of very hot or cold drinks and avoid touching it.

Can dental piercing damage the enamel of your teeth?

There is no danger of damaging the enamel, because it is not even necessary to carve it. It is enough to prepare it properly so that the piece that we are going to place is correctly adhered. So you can rest easy. There can only be a risk of damage if they are not placed correctly, the tooth is carved or the steps are not carefully followed to achieve a good adherence of the gem.

How to prevent infections and other dental problems related to grills

Detail piercings or grills do not cause infections or dental problems, beyond a greater accumulation of plaque than usual, which is very easy to prevent through proper daily oral hygiene. Although it is important, as we have already indicated, to pay special attention to the tooth where we have the piercing, to avoid the appearance of possible cavities. It should be noted that dental piercings are not permanent and usually remain attached to the tooth for between 6 months and a year, although it is also possible to opt for removable options.

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