Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Regularly attending the dentist brings with it a series of benefits for both adults and children. The dental care and prevention It is the best option if you want to avoid discomfort, illness or complications in the medium or long term. Although there is the fear of the dentistIn different specialized places such as the Torroella & Martínez Dental Clinic, patients can be attended with the aim of:
detect cavities
The dentist, through an exhaustive review of the teeth, will be able to verify if there are signs of cavities, in order to take cleaning and oral hygiene actions.
detect diseased gums
One of the symptoms that patients suffer the most when requesting a check-up from the dentist. This makes it possible to generate a diagnosis and define which treatment is the most appropriate to soothe pain, bleeding or general discomfort in the gums. It seems incredible, but an appointment with the dentist can prevent the appearance or development of oral cancer and, therefore, save a person’s life, especially if they smoke or consume tobacco..
Check status of seals
The professional will evaluate the fillings to ensure that they are in good condition and do not require any intervention.
Check for bad breath or dry mouth
If the patient has bad breath or dry mouth, the dentist can start a personalized treatment to solve the problem, but this will depend on the cause of the problem. Without a doubt, the good hygiene habits improve oral health of any person, especially that of children who suffer discomfort due to cavities. However, the dental clinic in the neighborhood of Horta (Barcelona), offers a great quality care in order to improve dental health of the people who live nearby.
Google Maps, 2023 On the map you can access your location and communicate to know all the treatments provided by the Torroella y Martinez Dental Clinic:
Through a 3D study and through dental implants, the problem is solved. absence of teeth in the patient and, therefore, their speech, aesthetics and chewing process are improved. How nice it is to smile naturally without fear of the opinions of others. Therefore, the Dental Clinic through whitening techniques or with the use of dental veneers improve the smile of patients. Through orthodontics, the best treatment for align teeth of each patient: conventional brackets, aesthetic brackets, lingual orthodontics, invisalign. And thanks to orthopedics you can study and correct growth problems in facial structures, especially in children. When there is missing or worn teeth, oral rehabilitation is the best treatment for this problem that many adults or older people present. For this, thank you different types of dentures The shape of the teeth can be restored and those that may have been lost can be recovered. Take care gums and the supporting tissues that surround the teeth It is possible through periodontics that allows improving the health of the gums by stopping the pathological process and eliminating the bacteria that cause the disease. The dentists at the Torroella y Martinez Dental Clinic teach children the importance of good oral hygiene habits to maintain good oral health, this through the consumption of healthy foods and avoiding harmful routines. In addition to the treatments already mentioned, Anyone can start Periodontic treatment, Digital Smile Design, among others. It is worth mentioning that if there is fear of the dentistall the treatments, that require it, are carried out by means of a conscious sedation and professional.

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