Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Scream 6 is ridiculous, in a good way, as a slasher movie should be. The legacy that Wes Craven inherited to us in 4 films continues under a new approach but does not intend to go above that, indeed, nor does it strive to be better. The sample of this new, more violent and cynical stage was Scream (2022), which continues the killings of Ghostface from new protagonists. Humor is an inherent part of the franchise that combines with the spurts of blood on the screen, to give us almost two hours of pure fun in this new installment. The difference is that in Scream 6, the self-deprecation is more direct and tries to make us laugh while jumping out of our seats at moments full of tension. The film opens with a woman who plays the role of a victim from the first moment she appears on the screen. This is a blood-sealed letter of introduction that makes it clear that Ghostface is back and, to no one’s surprise, he’s going to kill again. From the start, Scream 6 makes it clear that it will put us guessing Ghostface’s identity again without changing a formula that has worked for years. After the introduction, we see Samantha (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega) again, the Carpenter sisters who return in this second part and decide to start a new life in New York. As Tara tries to take on the role of a normal teenager, her older sister struggles with her demons and her notoriety that follows her wherever she goes. It is here where the plot takes shape and takes advantage of the discredit to turn it into a possible latent murderous instinct in the protagonist. This causes the multiple twists and identity of Ghostface to have an additional factor in its favor that will be present from start to finish. As doubts grow and the group of friends strengthens their ties, the first attacks begin without taking long. This maintains a steady pace in closed arenas that have characters fighting one-on-one with the assassin most of the time. In other cases, the pace is slower so that the final thrust causes more impact. The deaths follow the same process as always, where Ghostface announces his arrival or simply attacks by surprise. Although the profile is the same, this time the killer is more direct and savage. He goes from toying with his victims to trying to kill them at first touch and taking advantage of their suffering if necessary. It is true that Scream 6 has few surprises and does not aspire to turn the genre around, but it does deliver a fun movie. Another element present is the parallelism of the film Stab and the importance of the origin of Scream. Though she leaves out Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), the original protagonist, she keeps in mind her struggle with the original killers. Some veteran characters also appear to perpetuate the link with this and the other films. This pack of nostalgia is reinforced with clichés and resources that we have seen before, without more. Humor is also present with a constant and shameless self-criticism of herself. Characters that seem to be immortal, far-fetched concepts such as the term “requel” and slasher stereotypes are topics that are constantly addressed with the intention of making us laugh. Scream 6 is a movie that keeps us entertained from beginning to end and is based on the acting performance and the charisma of its protagonists. It is the recommended option if you are a faithful follower of the saga or if you are not so demanding when it comes to watching a horror movie. After 6 movies, the wear on the original idea is noticeable and it would be nice to give it a more risky approach in future installments.
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