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Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Actor Jensen Ackles played Dean Winchester on Supernatural for a long time and now he’s back on The Winchesters.

like the series Supernatural It was a hit for a long time. The C.W. commissioned a spin-off set in the 70s starring john winchester and Mary Campbellthe parents of dean and sam. But Jensen Ackles He also participates, since he acts as a narrator. So in a recent interview with EW he wanted to reveal how the return to the character that made him famous has been: “It was a mixed bag. It’s weird because we’re in a different city, shooting with a different crew. I am working with different actors. Having Jim Beaver there and having Alexander Calvert there, it was almost like we were brought in from another team to show these new recruits how to play baseball. As if we were not in our territory. But it was a position that we all felt very comfortable jumping into and… how could you not be playing those characters while we all have? It was like Dean was there.” he revealed Jensen Ackles.

He has big plans for season 2.

“Yeah. People were saying: Are we going to see more familiar faces in the finale? And I was like: Sure, but I won’t tell you who. There is a treasure to choose from. And going forward, God willing, there’s been a lot of interest from people who are deeply rooted in supernatural lore saying, Hey, why didn’t I get a call? I’m like: Wait until season 2. Hopefully we can bring those familiar faces back. We want to make the show as entertaining as possible. That’s what we set out to do at the beginning and what we hope to continue to achieve.” He said Jensen Ackles.The Serie The Winchesters is issued in The C.W.while the 15 seasons of Supernatural are available in HBO Max.

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