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We analyze in Cinemascomics the Blackout pack (2022) on Blu-Ray, with the complete series that includes its 5 episodes

At Cinemascomics we have analyzed the domestic edition of the Blu-Ray that brings together the entire Blackout series, which includes its 5 episodes divided into two discs, which has an ensemble cast, where each episode is written, directed and starring different people. Blackout Blu-Ray and DVD are now available. In an amaray box, as well as in digital format for rent and purchase, by Divisa Home Video. The series is a Spanish production directed by such notable names as Rodrigo Sorogoyen (As Bestas), Raúl Arévalo (Tarde Para la Ira), Isa Campo (La Próxima Piel), Alberto Rodríguez (Modelo 77) and Isaki Lacuesta (One Year, One Night). This dystopian thriller has an ensemble cast including Luis Callejo (Malnazidos), María Vázquez (Who a Hierro Mata), Ainhoa ​​Santamaría (Parallel Mothers), Jesús Carroza (The Minimum Island), Naira Lleó (Mom or Dad), Patricia López Arnaiz (20,000 Species of Bees), Zoe Arnao (The Girls), Miquel Fernández (Adú) , Melina Matthews (Christ and King), Miguel Garcés (García!), Susana Hornos (I’m Alive), Gonzalo Bouza (White Lines), Alicia Rubio (Now or Never), Tomás del Estal (Riot Control) and Ainhoa ​​Aldanondo (La area). Thus, we have analyzed the extras of the series developed by Buendía Estudios and broadcast by Movist ar Plus+ . It has a total approximate duration of more than 230 minutes and a 16/9 and 1080p screen format, and is not recommended for children under thirteen years of age. The series garnered four Feroz Award nominations, including for Best Drama Series.


When a solar storm hits the Earth and causes a general blackout throughout the Spanish territory. We see how throughout the episodes different characters try to adapt to the new situation, either looking for a life or defending their own homes. In this way, we are going to analyze the Blu-Ray pack, which includes the complete series of five chapters . We hope you enjoy the chapters as much as we have. In this way, we have gotten down to work to discover everything that this domestic edition hides, without spoilers.

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This is how Blackout was made:

25-minute video divided into seven parts, which are: The creation process: The creative coordinator Fran Araújo talks about the germ of the story and once they wanted to develop a series about what would happen if a solar storm left us without electricity, how they contacted with scriptwriters to develop the series. Thus, scriptwriters and directors had a brainstorm and chose five stories among the dozens they considered. Once selected, they were documented to give veracity to the story. Next, the directors explain how they brought their vision to the scripts, seeking to represent how people overcome and survive, not just show a chaotic situation. The characters: The main actors talk about their characters, what they do, how they define them and how they face the blackout. The production: They explain that the series has been a great challenge, because everything had to be realistic so that the viewers were immersed in the story they were telling. The maxim of the directors was that everything was believable, mixing familiar faces with unknown actors. Along with this, they talk about the madness that was the production design, having five different directors in five different plots with only a few actors who repeated in more than one chapter. In turn, they talk about the challenges they faced to represent light, from natural light to candlelight, going through other problems such as choosing the right sounds. Analysis of a sequence. Chapter 1: Denial: Verónica Franco, production manager, talks about how they faced the filming of the first chapter, especially in the street scene, with the traffic jam in the heart of Madrid. An action scene posed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen so that the chapter would not be so static. To do this, they had two days of rehearsals and another two of shooting in Madrid, surrounded by vehicles driven by specialists. Analysis of a sequence. Chapter 5: Balance: They explain how they recorded the sequences of the heavy rains that devastate the improvised orchards of the farmhouse. Especially, how they prepared and filmed the scene of the horse trapped in the mud. Special figuration. The toilets: Different doctors and nurses in real life tell of their experience filming the second chapter of the series, where they acted in their own roles inside the saturated hospital without light. At the same time, they helped to assemble realistic improvised costumes and operating rooms, faithfully showing how work teams work and act in hospitals.Specialists. The Shepherds: Real Shepherds recount their experience on set and how they helped the actors portray their characters believably, leading the goats just as they would.

Blackout (Blu-ray)Product : Blackout – Blu-rayurl : AmazonPrice : €33.30Currency : USDAvailability : InStockDescription : From the creators of Riot gear, Afternoon for anger, Maixabel, La isla mínima and Between two waters. A solar storm impacts on Earth causing a widespread blackout. In this new reality, five stories of characters are developed who struggle to adapt to a world without electricity, telecommunications, or means of transportation, in which they have to face their most basic needs, instincts, and fears. Edu16k 4.0 4.00 5 Average rating User Rating /5 ( Be the first! Votes )

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