Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

What superhero can Keanu Reeves be? The actor is clear about which Marvel Studios character he would be willing to play in the movies.

Keanu Reeves wants to play a Marvel hero. The Matrix actor, star of John Wick 4, participated in a Reddit AMA. That’s where he mentioned a MCU character he’d love to play one day. It’s just that he’s a superhero who’s really already into Hugh Jackman. When asked if there were any roles he regretted turning down, Keanu Reeves was quick to say no. However, he also said that he always wanted to play Wolverine, one of the most important characters in the Marvel UniverseIt is not the first time that Keanu Reeves has expressed his desire to bring the character to life. Back in 2020, while speaking to Sirius XM, the action movie star reiterated his love for the Marvel superhero. “I always wanted to play Wolverine. Probably the version of the character that Frank Miller did,” he said.

It is unlikely that he will end up as Wolverine

In a very short time, The X-Men are Coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And with them will be Wolverine. But alas, that time seems to be in the distant future. However, does Keanu Reeves have a chance in the role? Unfortunately, he is most likely too old for the role. Especially when it comes to the new vision of the character that the studio wants to do. Perhaps, with the Marvel Multiverse at stake, Old Man Logan could make an appearance. Although, if that paper ever exists, it would almost certainly be for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and not Keanu Reeves. Ultimately, fans are going to get to see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine at least one more time. It’s all going to be thanks to Deadpool 3. After that, though, it might be time to pass the torch to a different actor.

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