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The use of digital data and its implementation is one of the challenges faced by most Spanish companies. And it is that, most of the sectors are “stuck” in the initial phase, the measurement and the collection of data. This is highlighted in the study, ‘Maturity of the use of data in Spanish companies’, by MioGroup and Datarmony. In this report, 64% of the companies analyzed fail in the use of digital data. “Despite the fact that the value of data has grown and has proven essential for society in general and for companies in particular, we see how it remains there is a long way to go in treatment, extraction of insights and knowledge, technology, analytics, use of artificial intelligence and business-oriented use of data”, says Enric Quintero, founder and CEO of Datarmony.

Use of digital data

Data analysis is still in the very early stages in Spanish companies and the most mature sectors obtain a score of only 3.11 out of 5. According to the Digital Spain 2026 digital transformation agenda, 25% of Spanish companies It must implement the use of Big Data technology in its production process. An even greater challenge if we compare it with the proposal of the European Commission, which places implementation in 75% of European companies by 2030.

Telecommunications, automotive and travel, the most mature sectors

Spanish companies do not reach maturity in any of the areas of data analysis, but are “stuck” in the initial phase that involves measuring and collecting data.

64% of Spanish companies suspend the level of use of digital data

The results show that, even in companies where data is processed to help decision-making, it is not used proactively. The most mature sectors are telecommunications and automotive, the latter being the leader in investment and use of advanced tools. And to those who follow travel/hotels, finance and distribution.

Google and Adobe Analytics, among the most used analysis tools

Regarding the technologies used, 90% of the sites analyzed use Google products for digital analytics and tag management. Meanwhile, Adobe Analytics is the first payment tool, present in 40% of cases and ranking fifth in this ranking.

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