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Aubrey Plaza told how she was selected for the co-lead role in Operación Fortune. The actress shared with Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie.

Guy Ritchie meets Jason Statham again and the result is the same: an action movie that looks epic. Now it’s about Operation Fortune. The feature film mixes espionage, chases and explosions everywhere. However, the strong and brave girl could not be missing.You might also be interested in: Jason Statham reveals what it’s like to work with Guy RitchieEvery great success of this genre always has the leading role of a great actress. Ritchie, being a great exponent, could not afford the absence of a heroine at the front. For the role he got aubrey squarewho comes in an upward career and is a trend. The celebrity who was in the second season of white lotus and in the film Ingrid Goes West spoke about the exciting experience of being in a production with the acclaimed director and Statham.

As was?

“It was exciting, to say the least. Of course the script was there, the script was fun. So we had a vague idea of ​​what was going to happen, but I learned very quickly that on a set with Guy RitchieYou never know what’s going to happen because he loves to get everyone together in the morning, snuggle up and rewrite scenes, come come up with new ideas, come up with new jokes and stuff,” he said. In his statements, he admitted that this job was more beyond all your expectations. “So for me, it was a dream come true because I come from an improv background. I mean, I love beautifully written scripts, and I love saying my lines, but I also really like the kind of almost athletic energy that he brought to filmmaking, where he’d say, “You’ve got to put your jokes, you have to get your collaboration because we are filming”. It was funny and very appropriate for an action thriller because it almost felt like that every day. He felt energized as if nobody knew what was going to happen, you could just be thrown into a scene, ”he added. He also recounted infidelities from the shoot. One of the most important experiences for her was one of the requests that the director made to her to better develop her character.

previous experience

“I mean, there was a day that I think came close to me, [y] He said to me: “How do you feel about sing a little bit, a little song, Aubery Strawberry, Strawberry Aubery”, which is what he used to do? call me. And I’d say, “I’m sorry, do you want me to sing?” He’d be like, “Yeah,” it’s like, “Here’s a song, I’ll see you in 10.” It was like that kind of thing. So it was fun, ”she recalled. On the other hand, she touched on the way she was cast in the role. In addition to this, the celebrity detailed his selection process.“You know, I was scheduled to meet him, in a Zoom meeting during lockdown, you know? And then I met him like that, on the screens, and it was really just a preliminary meeting. I think it was more to see if he liked her, or whatever, and I knew that going into it. Of course, I wanted the job. I just wanted it badly. I thought the meeting went well, and I found out, “Oh, maybe he will meet with other people.” And that’s when I went to kill and aggressively, and I’m not ashamed to say it, aggressively went to him and said, “You absolutely must hire me. You know I’m the man for the job. I will do that. I’ll be funny, I’ll kick people’s asses, I’ll do whatever you want me to do. So just hire me.” And so she did, without question. He just said, “Okay, okay.” So, I think we started very, we were very much on the same page, but I would say that I definitely wanted it and I did it, ”he concluded. Operation Fortune premiered in January 2023 internationally. The details of its streaming distribution have not been revealed yet.

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