Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

For years, the aesthetic medicine It has reached an exponential boom in Spain, with 40% of the general population acknowledging having used aesthetic medicine services on some occasion, of which 71.8% are women, compared to 28.2% of men. This growing trend towards self-care has implied that there is a increasing number of minimally invasive aesthetic options and techniques designed for facial and body beautification without the need to undergo surgery, as is the case with the new orbital socket filler treatment with hyaluronic acidan exclusive procedure that is currently performed by doctors in Spain such as the Dr. Cristina Chacon, expert in aesthetic medicine and CEO of the CCH Privé center in Madrid. “Our face and our look determine a lot how old we appear and, with the passing of the years, the skin loses its tone and firmness and the subcutaneous tissue loses volume. For this reason, more and more treatments are being demanded, such as volume replacement in the upper orbital basin, which consists of replacement of fat volume lost as we age in the upper area of ​​the eye, which usually gives us a tired and less natural look, older and, in severe cases, even a cadaverous feeling; since the fat stored in the subcutaneous region of the skin is essential to provide shape and structure to the face”, explains Dr. Chacón.

Immediate, harmonious and natural aesthetic results

Thus, this new method, which is recommended to be combined with other aesthetic medicine interventions As the treatment to attenuate dark circles with the aim of achieving a global rejuvenation of the look, it consists of the infiltration by cannula of a tiny amount of hyaluronic acid in the area where the fatty deposit has been lost, being carried out with a very specialized and refined technique given the great vascularization and innervation of the area to be treated; “which makes it a very exclusive technique and only performed by highly trained specialists”, according to the expert. Thus, we will achieve immediate, harmonious and natural aesthetic results in the area of ​​the upper eye orbit without the need to enter the operating room, through a procedure that is practically painless with a total duration of approximately 20 minutes, with results that will have an effect between 12 and 18 months, depending on factors such as age or skin quality. This treatment is also carried out in a single session under local anesthesia and the return to daily life is immediate; which implies that the patient will not need sick leave.

Guidelines to follow after the intervention esthetic

Solar protection. First of all, the patient must protect themselves from the sun, whether it is summer or winter, without exposing themselves to high temperatures for the next seven days after the treatment, since heat produces vasodilation and the area must be careful of the risk of inflammation after having injected hyaluronic acid. It is also recommended to shower with warm water, in order to avoid the “sauna effect”.Do not perform intense physical exercise. “It is recommended to avoid making high-intensity physical efforts in the 24 hours following treatment, since, with activity, the treated area may become more inflamed than it should be due to blows, sweat or certain movements when practicing sports,” he points out to in this regard, Dr. Chacón.Do not apply cosmetics on the treated area. During the first days, it is advisable not to touch the area excessively and avoid putting on makeup, since the products could infiltrate and hinder the treatment.Sleep on your back. Resting with your head slightly elevated will help any swelling that may appear to reduce more quickly.Carry out the necessary adjustment. It is important to emphasize that the touch-ups are necessary to complete the treatment and, therefore, a medical check-up will be carried out after 15 days in this case, in which a touch-up will be carried out, if necessary”, concludes the expert.

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