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One of the most impressive moments of last year was when Ash Ketchum became the best Pokémon Trainer, all this when he defeated Leon in the World Coronation Series. Now, and with the new series without the coach of Pallet Town, the community has been wondering what will happen to Pikachu in the anime and in the IP in general, for which those responsible have just responded.
Will we see Ash and Pikachu again? As you surely know, Pikachu is the main character of Pokémon and it’s hard to imagine the saga without him, so the changes that the anime is about to make have generated a lot of uncertainty about what will happen to this icon. Because of this, it has been the vice president of marketing for The Pokémon Company, Taito Okiura, who explained what they think of Pikachu and how they will use it in the future, so we share his words with you below: “For 27 years, Pikachu has been synonymous with the Pokémon group, and we want this beloved Pokémon to continue to have a significant presence in the series and continue to be an icon of the brand,” said the executive.
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As you could see, everything indicates that the franchise will continue to use the image of Pikachu in the future. A good example of this is a new character that will have this pocket monster as a partner and that will be called Captain Pikachu.
This is the character that a Pikachu will have in the next seriesThis is the character that a Pikachu will have in the next series Finally, we remind you that the new Pokémon anime series will premiere on April 14 in Japan, and in our territory Pokémon Journeys has already begun to be broadcast on Cartoon Network and Netflix. Are you going to miss Ash’s Pikachu? Tell us in the comments. Stay informed at WTTSpod.
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