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There is good news for DOOM fans, as Bethesda has just confirmed that a new project in the saga will debut next month. This is Mighty DOOM, an Alpha Dog game that was revealed in April 2021. In case you don’t remember, it is a shooter for mobile devices that will star the Mini Slayer. The game will retain the action and brutality that characterize the saga, but will bet on a top-down perspective. The studios revealed a new trailer for the title and confirmed its release date.
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When will Mighty DOOM debut and where will it be playable?

The arcade action of Mighty DOOM will be available for users of iOS and Android devices starting next March 21. Players interested in this proposal can already register in advance to start playing when it is released. It is important to mention that its initial launch will be in some countries that are not detailed. So there is a possibility that you may have to wait a bit longer to play it depending on the availability in your region. Players who play the title between March 21 and April 20 will receive the Mini Slayer Pack with various cosmetic items and more. Mighty DOOM will be played via touch controls. In this way you can shoot the hordes of demons or escape from them. It will also be possible to dodge attacks and use a wide variety of weapons. There will be options to customize weapons and upgrade the Mini Slayer’s equipment. “Control the Mini Slayer, a small but thuggish character inspired by the iconic DOOM Slayer. When an unknown energy ravages a Gibbo Toy Factory, the Minislayer comes to life and is transported to an alternate dimension. Your mission? Kill them all demons that stand between you and Daisy, your kidnapped pet rabbit,” her description reads. The title is free-to-play, so you can download and enjoy it at no cost. Next, I leave you its new trailer so that you can get to know its gameplay and the list of rewards for registrations better.

Early Registration Rewards:
MD Mini Slayer Pack in-body Hell Baron Weapon Skin for the Heavy Cannon Cacodemon Weapon Skin for the Missile Launcher 3 Gear Keys 1 Weapon Key 80 Crystals
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