Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Cloud growth is unstoppable. In case there was any doubt, this is what the latest studies say. According to IDC, the public cloud market will grow more than 21% in the next 2 years. Gartner, for its part, predicts that by 2023, 40% of business workloads will be deployed in cloud environments. These data reveal a clearly upward trend, which encourages all organizations to consider migration to the cloud among their priorities to be at the forefront of innovation. The virtualization of jobs is one of the areas likely to be added to this trend, but today, there are many challenges it poses. Hidden costs, management complexity, loss of visibility on spending prediction, increase in attacks directed at cloud platforms and applications… These handicaps overshadow the results of the cloud strategy, there are even companies that decide to abandon the cloud due to an unfavorable experience that Among other things, it prevents them from justifying an investment that is increasing every time due to the increase in costs and an inaccurate dimensioning of the virtual machines. On many occasions, the absence of a detailed prior analysis is the cause of the failed journey to the cloud of jobs. In order to do it efficiently and reliably, it is necessary to have the right tools, capable of performing real and transparent tests, which provide security and return control of spending to organizations.Virtual Cable, a company specializing in the development of software for the digital transformation of the workplace, has designed a VDI solution that helps draw up a strategy for the digitization of jobs fully adapted to the needs and resources of each client. “The flexibility of our proposal invites reflection, to assess the multiple types and cloud providers before making a decision”, explains Fernando Feliu, Executive Managing Director of Virtual Cable. This statement refers to the unlimited range of possibilities offered by the Madrid technology solution.

Virtual Cable has designed a VDI solution that helps draw up a strategy for digitizing jobs

UDS Enterprise incorporates specific functionalities to configure heterogeneous environments, which allow building infrastructures integrated by hybrid, private, public clouds and multicloud platforms at no extra cost. “Our purpose is to help clients make the most of their current resources, taking advantage of the wide range of existing technologies,” says Feliu. This solution offers the possibility of managing workloads intelligently, to deploy each workstation on the platform that will provide the best performance for each user profile, adjusting costs as much as possible. UDS Enterprise unifies and centralizes the management of the different environments, tackling complexity and adding advanced configuration options to automate overflows between different platforms. Thus, administrators have the ability to decide under what circumstances on-premises resources are used and when those of one or more specific cloud providers, such as AWS or Azure. “You can instruct the system to automatically overflow to the cloud once local resources run out or, for another example, have worker desktops using 3D graphics delivered from the Amazon cloud, sizing them efficiently so that they only consume the exact resources they need”, explains the Virtual Cable manager. To these benefits must be added the ability to program the automatic switching on and off of the machines, which is done through an advanced system of calendars that helps reduce the costs of the pay-as-you-go cloud model to a minimum. In addition, UDS Enterprise adds a solid security layer that complies with the standards of the National Security Scheme (ENS) and shields access to corporate systems and data from any device, regardless of the environment in which they are hosted. The possibility of combining virtualization of desktops, applications and remote access to computers, in addition to its compatibility with any third-party technology, make UDS Enterprise a powerful tool for digitizing jobs in a personalized way, providing flexibility, simplicity, security and completely eliminating concerns about the unpredictable costs of the cloud.

By Alvaro Rivers

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