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You have to know this fact! The Last of Us series is full of curiosities, and the latter reveals a very powerful human footprint.

The Last of Us has shared a shocking detail. Apparently, Nick Offerman put his handyman skills to use in real life during the filming of the HBO series. An extraordinarily moving fact, which reveals the care, care, affection and humanity that the television adaptation of the Naughty Dog video game gives off. An adaptation that continues to add fans. Nick Offerman, who played Bill in the acclaimed third episode of The Last of Us on HBO, perfectly embodied his witty character during filming. As reported by Slash Film, Peter Hoar, director of the third chapter, revealed that Offerman stayed on set while they prepared the next take, instead of going back to his trailer. Like most actors. And he used Bill’s tools to fix things. “Nick is Bill,” said the filmmaker. “A lot of times on set he was fixing things because all of Bill’s tools were everywhere.”

Nick Offerman’s life beyond acting

HBO Apart from his acting career, Nick Offerman has also become known as a skilled carpenter. The Last of Us is not the only time he has shown his skills playing a character. Ron Swanson, his best-known character from the sitcom Parks and Recreation, was also an avid carpenter. The running gag on the NBC series led to Offerman and his co-star Amy Poehler co-hosting the reality show Making It. On that television show, artisans from across the country attempt to make various handmade products, vying for the title of “Master Maker”. You can read more series news so as not to miss anything.

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