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Hogwarts Legacy is the most successful game at the beginning of the year and will surely be one of the best sellers in 2023. Despite controversies and boycotts, the title of Avalanche is breaking it worldwide and the judicious combination of the Harry Potter universe with a great video game is leading the way to success, even in Japan.
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Hogwarts Legacy triumphed in Japan

Famitsu magazine published its weekly video game sales report and in it there was a big surprise because the public in that country turned to the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, a fact that immediately took it to first place in sales in its week of release. debut. According to the publication, the game inspired by the Harry Potter universe sold 67,196 copies, surpassing a market leader like Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. The publication highlights its open world proposal and its RPG elements.

With this triumph, Hogwarts Legacy practically became a worldwide success claiming the first places in sales in the United Kingdom and the European Union, it is also expected to do the same in the United States when its corresponding list is published in February of this year. . Also, it was recently revealed that Hogwarts Legacy has taken the Steam bestseller list by storm and its different versions occupy several places in the Top 10, so there is no way to debate the success of the game anymore and there is nothing more to accept that it is one of the great games of the year. Follow here, at WTTSpod.
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