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Roblox, in the most understated way possible, has become a resounding success with a user community numbering in the tens of millions. Although this has had the expected effect on the growth of Roblox Corporation and therefore on revenues and profits, it is not immune to the impact of financial decisions that take their toll today but may bring good news in the future.
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Roblox lost hundreds of millions of dollars during 2022

Roblox Corporation presented its financial report (via GameRant) corresponding to the quarter that closed last December, also the end of its fiscal year 2022, where it revealed a new period marked by losses of $291 million. Adding this figure to the performance and records of the previous quarters, it is concluded that the platform business lost $934 million dollars during the past year. While the number may be outrageous, the company attributes it mainly to its long-term investments.

The confidence of Roblox Corporation despite the million-dollar losses during 2022 lies in the growth of its number of users and the estimated time metrics that users will spend on the platform. Likewise, the increase in collaborations with brands and celebrities that continue to attract the public, especially young players, stands out.
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Lastly, the company reported that the report corresponding to the first quarter of fiscal year 2023, from January to March of this year, will be the last in which it will publish monthly results in terms of metrics, as it considers that this has an impact on the financial sector. which can sometimes be positive, but other times negative, so you want to avoid those kinds of situations. It should not be forgotten that Roblox has been in the midst of controversy in recent months as the platform has been accused of allowing inappropriate content for minors despite having activated the content restrictions offered by its own system. Stay informed, at WTTSpod.
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