Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

It is a reality, if SMEs accelerated cloud adoption by 10%, the Spanish economy would increase its GDP by more than 5,000 million euros this year. This is revealed by an AWS study. In this regard, the experts in Cybersecurity and Innovation from acens Part of Telefónica Tech have analyzed the cloud trends that will help small and medium-sized companies to boost their business in 2023. “Businesses need to use cloud resources efficiently and profitably. This year will be marked by financial control of the cloud with tools such as AWS FinOps”, explains Manuel Eusebio de Paz Carmona, AWS Enterprise Architect at acens.

Cloud trends 2023

These are the cloud trends that will mark this year: According to experts, the increase in investment in cybersecurity seems to be the first trend in the cloud environment. 51% of Spanish companies plan to increase their investment in this area. According to Manuel Prada Mateo, Head of Security at acens: “This year we will see an increase in security solutions in the cloud. From acens, as we work on the development of cloud solutions, our recommendation is to follow a Zero Trust policy, in which any internal or external access is blocked until it is considered explicitly necessary, to minimize the risk”. Consolidation of Spain as a Hub Cloud thanks to the commitment of the big digital players: “AWS and Google have already opened their data centers and Azure will do so soon. In recent years, Telefónica Tech has strengthened its strategic alliances with Amazon (AWS), Google (GCP) and Microsoft (Azure). acens has incorporated the solutions of these three large hyperscalars in its commitment to bring the broadest technology offer closer to SMEs, also being the specialized center in AWS for Telefónica Tech”. The increase in investment in public cloud: Gartner estimates that for This year, investment in the cloud will grow 20% more worldwide than in 2022, which will lead to more than 591,000 million dollars.

These are the 8 cloud trends that will mark this 2023

More financial control of the cloud: Many of the benefits of the cloud are not only in the world of infrastructure, but also in the development layer (of applications) and processes, but companies need to measure with indicators and see a differential efficiency. Legislative news on digital protection: The Spanish Agency for Artificial Intelligence, the creation of a certification framework on the responsible design of digital solutions or new obligations for digital platforms are some of the challenges that will become a reality in the coming months, a result of the legislative push on data protection in the EU. Safe workplace: Organizations will spend almost 1 trillion dollars on the Future of Work (FoW) in 2023, an increase of 18.8% compared to 2022. Collaborative robotics, automated customer management, and the interconnected collaborative workspace top the list according to latest data. mo IDC report. Escalation of cloud projects: More than 80% of companies think about using this type of services and around 83% believe that every day they will use more services related to the cloud. Many companies have tested these technologies, now they have to scale these projects and when doing so they need to have a technology partner to help them move quickly, but safely and efficiently. The European Digital Identity platform: Public Administration goes up to the cloud on a European scale, it is no longer only sectors such as banking, retail, the industrial sector or utilities that are advancing in their digital acceleration. The European Digital Identity platform that combines ID, passwords and payments will be officially launched in 2024 to count with a single place to store official documents, save passwords and pay fees or taxes in a simple way. The pilot test will begin in March of this year.

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