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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will for the first time explore the Quantum Realm in depth. Director Peyton Reed explained what it was like to design it.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will open incredibly anticipated doors for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Without a doubt, one of the elements that followers want to see the most is the new characters. Kang, MODOK and Stature (Cassie Lang) will have their official production debut. However, there is a determining factor that will also arrive.You might also be interested in: Director of Ant-Man 3 confirms the theories about MODOKIt is about the Quantum Realm. The place shows an alternate reality to that of Earth, but at a subatomic level. Although he has been mentioned and shown briefly in previous installments, now he will play his first important role. The design that you see in the trailers is something really different from everything he has done. Marvel before. That is why it was so striking to know how such a creative process was carried out behind the architecture. “For the Quantum Realm we really took a lot of things. You know, Flash Gordon, Barbarella. I mean, all this kind of crazy stuff. I mean, really looking at the covers of old sci-fi paperbacks from the ’60s and ’70s and even ’80s,” said the director. Peyton Reed about the creative decisions made regarding it. Thus, the creative continued saying the importance that art had and some exponents in being able to generate an image of what will be the main stage on the tape.


“There are a lot of great artists who would paint the covers of these things and, you know, they’d be on a newsstand and that cover had to get you. And a lot of them were creating these really weird worlds that, if you were looking at paperbacks, oh, that one would draw you in. You may not even know what the story is, but that’s visual. So, I looked at a lot of those artists. Again, the heavy metal magazine, which had all these kinds of, from all over the world, these artists, you know, not just from the states, but also from France and Germany, everywhere. And they formed this kind of collective. There are some amazing images in all of those things,” added the filmmaker. Meanwhile, the team was also very dedicated to the meticulous study of science and its visual interpretation. “And again, looking at microphotography of the real world, electron microphotography, which takes things that are so, so incredibly small. Then you print them out and they look like landscapes. It makes your mind think, which is where all our minds were supposed to be, which is like this whole movie is taking place, you know, somewhere on your fingernail. Like, it’s this subatomic world that’s everything that’s going on in the fabric of space-time outside of space and time, but in the quantum realm,” he noted. On the other hand, the minds that developed the title took advantage of a brief, but powerful description that had already occurred before the curious quantum space. “And, you know, Janet Van Dyne It describes at one point as worlds within worlds and this kind of idea that there’s an infinite world and worlds down there that are inhabited by creatures and things. So, it was really taking all of those things into account and bringing together this group of artists who had their own crazy stuff on their portfolios. It’s like, well, this is a cool design. Could we work this in the quantum realm? Because we needed to do something, you know, that really felt vast and that, you know, you’re in an environment here and this feels like some kind of quantum jungle,” Reed said. In his view, creating the Quantum Realm was perhaps the most important things, as he explained the ways in which the place opened its doors to Kang and part of the plot.

Science in Ant-Man 3

“But down here, this feels like something else entirely. These are some strange mines that draw some kind of energy that Kang and his forces are using. So really, to make the world as vivid as possible, we took a lot of different things. It’s pretty crazy, actually. I think at the beginning, because we really had no idea what this would be like. And when we started going into Marvel and seeing some of those pictures on the wall. And I thought, wow, these are amazing mockups. Like what? This is the craziest landscape. And you say, “No, no, it’s actually a electronic microscope. That’s really what it looks like,” she said. “And so when you really start to think about it, it doesn’t even look like it’s, you know, really much of an embellishment. It seems like a craziness. We have all seen versions of that, I think, when we see things really up close, ”she finished. With the expectation of opening the phase 5 of the Cinematic Universe of Marvel, the feature film will hit theaters shortly. While many aspects will allow the production to connect with future franchise priorities, many fans look forward to its standalone impact. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is scheduled for release this February 15, 2023.

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